Saturday Morning Nursery Crawl

So like most gardeners, the weekends always end up being our time to shine.  By shine, of course I mean drink a lot and lay around in the garden soil until our wits come back in a blur… but you gardeners know what we are talking about – surely.  ;)

Seriously though, we love the weekends… and the way we kick off the weekend most of the time is with a local nursery tour and a huge haul of plants that we then have to figure out where to put.  We love it though, as most gardeners do – and it seems as if we see the same bunch of people each Saturday at the same nurseries buying plants. 

It is a vicious cycle.

This saturday we were on the hunt for some hanging baskets and anything else that caught our eye.  We went to one of the further nurseries in the area – Garden View… and we actually left w/ absolutely nothing.  They had great plants… they were just HUGE – and we didn’t need huge Saturday morning.

So then we stopped by our favorite local nursery/greenhouse and that is La Casa Verde – which came through.  We picked up a hanging basket to replace the ones from last year – and of course… a whole bunch of other stuff we probably didn’t need.  See below to get a window into our haul.

Our Haul from the nursery tour this Saturday

Obviously we have a thing for eggplant this year – since we bought like 10 of them.  3 different varieties, along w/ some sweet potato vines.  You can see a fern over everything, a few flowers I cannot think of right now and some marigolds for the tomatoes to hang out with.  There is also a couple peppers that looked too cool to pass up.  We have issues.

Remember all we were doing was going to get a hanging basket – so proof we didn’t lie…

New Hanging Basket

I know everyone is going to say… well what is it?  And this is where I say… damn – I forgot and I don’t have the tag w/ me at the moment.  So I will have to update this post later.  Sorry.  I suck at blogging sometimes.  And this is one of those times.

Did you do a local nursery crawl this weekend?  What goodies did you end up with?  Please tell us we are not the only ones that do this EVERY… SINGLE… WEEKEND?

Watch Food Inc. – Let It Change The Way You Eat

Everyone had been mentioning it to us for a while.  Saying either watch it… or don’t – it is that impactful.  Which is strange for someone to say.  Watch it… or don’t.  Pretty easy to make a decision there… win/win.

But what they are meaning (and after watching, we can vouch)… it isn’t something you can “un-watch”.  In other words, you will NEVER see food the same way again. 

Being an urban farmer, we understand how important it is for us to grow our own food if/when we can – eat local… all natural if at all possible – but seeing this Movie made that choice even MORE of a priority.

We watched it on afternoon, then later that afternoon headed to the store and bought almost 100% organic products.  After watching it, I can honestly say I didn’t want to eat a hamburger for the first time in my life.  And listen folks… I AM a hamburger.  Throw a couple buns around me… I promise half my body weight is bacon already and burgers from the last 3o years of my life (yes I ate Gerber’s burgers I’m sure) – and you got one burger-fied fat boy.  I couldn’t imagine the number of burgers I have ate in my life.  So I’m sure the damage is done… but still, I just can’t picture shoving one of those “ammonia cleansed meat filler” burgers in my face ever again.

Now don’t get me wrong – I will eat a burger if it is known to be all natural or I can verify it – or make it myself…  but those fast food burgers that used to be consumed because it was “easy”… no more. 

I say all that to say this… I finally ate my first burger since watching Food Inc. last night.  We made it ourselves here at the house.  All natural Texas raised beef, bacon, organic cheese, organic lettuce, tomato, anaheim chiles on a whole wheat bun…

Watch Food Inc?  Then You Understand How Great This Burger Is.

Eat your heart out foodies.  It was tasty. 

Have you seen Food Inc?  Some people said one day they watched it online – I’m not buying it… but they seemed like credible sources.  They showed it on PBS the other night on POV – which is awesome.  Everyone should watch it if they haven’t… and we actually watched it a second time when it was on PBS.

Here is a link to the Food Inc. Trailer for those of you wanting to watch Food Inc. online for free (cheaters!) – Food Inc Trailer (HD).  It’s the best we can do for you.

How did Food Inc. change your life?  Did it?  Did it not?  Share your feelings about Food Inc. in the comments section below.

In Honor of Earth Day

Hope everyone is doing something for Mother Earth today – even if it is something simple like picking up a few pieces of trash… or if it is something like recycling a few plastic bottles… maybe planting a tree.  Nothing is too small – so do your part if you can.

Shala snapped some pics  yesterday to show off our garden and to show that we are doing our part for Mother Earth.  In other words… happy Earth Day – ENJOY!

Pictures of Spartium Junceum (Spanish Broom in bloom)

Our Spartium Junceum (Spanish Broom) has just started to bloom… this was an addition last year that has really taken off and smells FANTASTIC.  Which is awesome, since it is at the end of our raised beds and we get to smell it while we toil in the soil.

Pictures of Cuphea hyssopifolia (Mexican Heather)

We just stuck some Cuphea hyssopifolia (Mexican Heather/False Heather) in a few gaps along our fence this past month.  They are barely getting started… and are taking a beating by the BIG WHITE DOG (Izzy).  Still hanging in there and blooming too.

Pictures of Passiflora Caerulea (Passion Vine)

This Passiflora Caerulea (Passion Vine) was added last year as a $0.99 plug – and is now crawling down our fence and check the awesome alien-like blooms!  They are so epic.

Photos of Passiflora Caerulea (Passion Vine)

And it is just starting… look at all the blooms just building up.  This thing is about to explode.  We haven’t seen any Gulf Fritillary Butterflies just yet – but won’t be long.

Tomatoes Planted In Texas - When To Plant Tomatoes In Texas

Lastly – we stuck some tomatoes in the ground last night!  4 different kinds – just 4 plants at the moment.  Better Boy, Rutgers, Large Red Cherry & Beef Steak – we are ahead of the game!  All grown from seed of course… be jealous… be very jealous.

Do something for the Earth today… it is Earth Day for heaven’s sake - we will spend some times planing after work.  Maybe drink a few beers… kick back and relax in the garden.