Pictures While Shopping: Weed @ Hobby Lobby?

29. January 2008 Pictures 1
Make sure you run by your local Hobby Lobby and pick up your weed plant at an astounding 33% off this week.  Had to snap this picture before we left.  It is actually a Japanese Maple… but sure looks like something they showed me in criminal justice class back in high school.

14 Easy Ways to be An Everyday Environmentalist

29. January 2008 Health, Link'age 0
14 Easy Ways to be An Everyday Environmentalist – I’m not a tree hugger just yet.  I am trying my hardest to live life with a greener attitude though.  This year we are making a effort to change some of our daily activities and practices to help aid in saving our environment.  Every little bit ...

The Top 14 Ways To Spend Your Tax Rebate Check

28. January 2008 Money 2
Most middle-lower class tax payers are getting ready for the government to pass a bill to help boost the economy in America.  In an attempt to slow or stop a possible recession each tax payer that meets the guidelines set by Uncle Sam, will receive a tax rebate check up to a total of 600$.  Married couples will receive up ...