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We are BBQ fans and spend about 75% of our time in the Summer (and sometimes not in the Summer) making, eating and loving barbeque.  Instead of keeping all these things we learned about barbeque (BBQ) recipes and techniques, we have decided to share.  Some of you may have better ideas, better methods and better BBQ – but you are not sharing them.  Someone had to step up and do it. 

As we put together new posts breaking down our BBQ techniques, we will link them up on this page for easy access.  For now… enjoy what we do have to offer and enjoy that barbeque when you finally get to try out our recipes!  Don’t Forget… you can sign up for updates via our RSS feed by clicking here.

Barbeque Tips and Techniques from Double Danger

Tips For the Perfect 4th of July BBQ – Throw the best BBQ this 4th of July with these BBQ tips.

How To Start The Perfect Barbeque Fire – You have to start somewhere, and this is the basics of BBQ.  How to start a BBQ fire & how to start a grilling fire.  Yes… there is a difference.

How To Smoke Pork Ribs (Barbeque Recipe) – One of the easiest recipes, but if it is master – you can pull off faking being professional.  We won’t tell.  Promise 😉

The Perfect Armadillo Egg Recipe For Your Next BBQ – Need a side dish at your next BBQ?  This is your answer, perfect for beer drinkers… like you.

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