If you need to send an email to support, criticize, make fun of, talk shit, tell me a joke, laugh at someone else, talk about a post, give me free things, send me links, bring me breakfast, pick me some fresh fruit, arrange a free vacation, explain your view, organize a fundraiser, wash my clothes, feed my dogs, give me counsel, squeeze my orange juice fresh daily or just say hi… you can send me an email at the following address:



If you are looking to advertise on Double Danger, we have a few options we can discuss over drinks via the internet.  You supply your own drink, and we will supply ours.  We can chat on Google Talk, AIM or just via email or twitter… you can decide.  When an agreement is met, we will serve your ad, text link or whatever the case. 

Of course you will have to contact us in order to have these before-mentioned drinks… so do so by emailing us at:


Yes we can spell and yes we know how the internet works – so don’t be talking about our email address or we will mark you as spam.  We have that power.  Don’t piss us off.  😉  Just kidding, we want your money so we will be nice this time.


If you are planning on spamming us… send it to  We will be sure to get right on it.

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