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If any of you have read the about us link on this website then you know a little about James and even less about me, so I decided that since I am going to be around you should get to know a little bit more about me and some of the things that I am interested in.  I want to tell you these things so that you can make the decision to either read the blogs that say my name or you can skip over them.  If you do skip over them everytime let me warn you that you may miss something extraordinary. 😉

This is my first venture into the online blogging business, at least the writing part of it.  I’ve read and continue to read many blogs and forums on a daily basis.  My husband has very successfully turned me into a computer/internet junky and for that I will always be greatful! haha

Since moving into our own home I’ve become fond of things that I never thought I would be fond of.  I love spending time outside with James and our dogs, in our garden, sitting on the porch or watching James as he prepares one of his infamous BBQs. 

Everything that is in our garden or that was in our garden was planted by the previous owners and I’m so excited to plant new things, watch them grow and eat the food that we grew all by ourselves!  We are grown ups now. haha  I will be posting updates and pictures as our veggies grow.  I’m sure that that isn’t the most exciting thing that you want to read, but hey its our blog and we can do what we want!

Decorating our house has become a little bit of an obsession of mine.  I never thought that it would be as hard as it has been.   Everytime I buy something I feel like its the decision of a lifetime and I will be stuck with that something forever.  I love having all these rooms that need a little something to make it our own.  Even though I don’t feel that I am the best at decorating I do love it and hope that all my family and friends love getting to see our house transform.

Other things that are sure to make their way into some of my blogs are: my family & friends, celebrity news (not really the news, just what I think about the news), weightloss and exercise, fashion and plenty of pictures, past and present.

I hope that you all enjoy some of my writing and I hope that you don’t mind me barging in on James’ space, it was his idea afterall!

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