Build Your Own Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy

So I couldn’t think of a legit name to bore you with.  So I made it fun.  Big damn deal.  Apparently it was catchy enough, because here you are reading about it.  The thing we call…

Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy

Kinda cool now, your starting to enjoy saying the name aren’t you?  Rolls off the tongue the way a box rolls down a hill.

But really, what’s in a name?  Everything in this name, we didn’t really leave anything out.  There is no way you could not look at the name of this thing and not know what you are going to be looking at.  Or building in my case.

We have this sunroom that we want to utilize this year (until we turn said room into our vision for said room).  So the way we plan to utilize it, is to make it grand central for our seed planting.  We are doing containers gardening this year in wine barrels for the most part, so we are definitely going to be transplanting some seedlings when the time is right.  So… why not get a jump on things with some sunroom action?

That is where the… wait for it… wait for it… Gardening table/counter/work area-thingy comes in.  We need a long work area that isn’t a foot off the ground, that we can stand (or sit in a stool) at and work with our plants.  Eventually this will move to another location, but for now – it is what we need.

Now I have looked online at gardening carts and plant stands… things of that nature.  Let me tell you… they are freakin’ expensive.  So my idea is just to build our own and do it cheap and quick.  So last night I spent time laying out the “blueprint” while Shala took a nap before bed.  I got it figured out and layed out in about 30 min.  I’m a nerd so I did it like I would a website, layed it out in Photoshop.  I know… nerd.  Suck it.

Now with it done, this morning I am about to head to Lowe’s (because I don’t shop at Home Depot anymore, long story) and pick up my supplies and then we will document the progress and then post a true “how to build your own Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy”.  I will give the cost of the supplies, the time it took and pictures of the whole thing start-to-end.  Then you will be jealous and say… “I want my own Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy!”  Then your husband/wife/girlfriends/roommate/friend will go… “What the hell is that, and are those 4 different things?”  But at least you can take them to visit Double Danger and explain exactly what your talking about.

So here is the “blueprint” that I came up with last night – let me know what you think… actually, don’t unless its positive – because I will be leaving to get all the supplies in about 10 minutes and it will be too late for Negative Nancy(s) to change anything anyhow.  So keep your crappy thoughts to yourself – I am really just looking for people to go…

“Dude, that is so smart – build me one!”

or you can use…

“You guys at Double Danger are so freakin’ cool, I want you to build me one and sell it to me!”


“I never knew building a Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy could be this easy!”

last one…

“I figured out the Counter part, not the Work area or Gardening Table… what’s a thingy? Make me one, pronto!”

Or make up something positive of your own, your choice.  Oh yeah, the “blueprint” I pomised… check it.  And keep in mind this is just to get it functional today (so we can use it today), then I will add lil shelves on the bottom and crap like that.

How To Build Your Own Gardening Table.

view a larger pic here

4 thoughts on “Build Your Own Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy”

  1. Well, I for one, can’t wait to see your completed “Gardening Table/Counter/Work Area-Thingy “.

    We built a new deck last year and had to remove our old homemade greenhouse, so Dave is in the process of planning my new greenhouse. I was just thinking of buying a greenhouse and plopping it where we wanted it, but he’s the creative type and knows he can build us a custom greenhouse cheaper and it’ll be exactly what we want….so more power to you! Good luck!

  2. DUDE!! That is so smart! You guys are so cool!

    Did I leave anything out?? LOL

    Actually, it is pretty cool and thanks for taking the time to post your plans. Can’t wait for the final post with all the details. You can bet this will be on our project list for February.

  3. I searched and I found. We just built a 960 sq. ft. greenhouse, and we need to do this. You are right everything is so (what did you say) freaking expensive. Thanks, smart guy, and remember God Loves YOU!

  4. Your tcble/counter/work area-thingy will make me a hero in my wife’s eyes. Your project is just the thing I needed.

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