Let’s Make A Deal – A Crafty One

This past weekend we spent too much time shopping.  You see, the funny thing about our “Christmas” shopping is that we say we are going “Christmas” shopping… however, it ends up being a shopping spree for ourselves.  Funny huh?

We like it.

We are still trying to get everything we need to get each room decorated, and that has turned out to be a chore.  Especially right in the middle of the holidays. 

Sunday morning, we did find a nice piece of art to go over our mantle (which had been blank since we moved in).  We were at Bed Bath & Beyond and they had it laying back in the clearance area.  It was normally priced $150, but it was scratched and so it was marked down to…



Heck yeah.  We are a fairly crafty bunch of crackers, so we decided to pick it up anyhow in hopes that we could touch it up.  So after picking it up, we headed to Micheal’s and grabbed some paint to mix and we were on our way.  When I say on our way, I mean on our way to many other stores in which we didn’t buy Christmas presents like we should have… instead, more crap for ourselves.

Once we got home from our journey, we grab the paint and mixed it to match – then went to work touching up the painting.  The cool thing, was that it had a nice gradient from dark brown to a light orange color – so I figured it wouldn’t take much to fade it. 

Sure enough, I was right (go figure).

In about 5 minutes, we had taken a trashed painting and turned it back into a loved piece of art.  Score.  See below for the final product.

New Painting Over Mantle

P.S. – We also had a 20% off entire purchase coupon, so technically… the painting was about $24.  Even a better score.

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