We Are Alive, We Promise

The new house is officially ours and we have started the renovations.  So you know what that means.

Drunk painting.

drunk drywalling.

Actually neither of us has even been close to drunk – yet.  Too damn busy to get drunk. 

We finally got into the house on Monday, and started by preping for some priming and a little bit of carpet removal.  Got some remodeling figured out (which we eventually nixed) and mudded up a room before heading home.  Day one in the books and we put in about 13 hours between the two of us.  Not to mention, my Mom & Grandpa came over to help assess the situation – so another couple hours of their time.

Glad we don’t pay anyone.  😉

Tuesday we got our new dishwasher ordered and commenced work for the second day.  Mashala’s Dad came by and he assessed the fence and we came to an agreement just to repair it for now, instead of putting a whole new one.  Shala went on to paint the dining room and I put a second coat of mud on the living room. 

We took off early last night to get some rest and check on the election – so we only put in about 8-10 hours in yesterday between the two of us.  Add a few for Donnie (Shala’s Dad), and we are about at the 30 hours mark.

This morning about 4 I woke up, because I have a bruised heel and it was bothering me… then after being up for about 30 min trying to fall back to sleep… I decided “To Hell With It.”

So I told Shala I was headed to the house (it is just down the street, couple minutes) and I got started about 4:45.  I got the living room mud sanded down (which I hate doing more than anything).  Pulled some more trim off and rolled some texture on the ceiling to try out something.  Before I knew it, it was almost 7 and I headed back home to get ready for work.

Tonight should be a good night.  We should get some texture on the wall and change the floor plan a little as far as our closet goes.  Shala & My Mom are going to continue the priming quest and hopefully I can hop in with that as well.  Expect to see big changes in the next couple days… hopefully we can get some pics for you intra-web-ers!

Wish us luck… we need it.

4 thoughts on “We Are Alive, We Promise”

  1. man, i know what you are going through – at least it’s just a reno and not a new build.. hehe – i don’t know which is best, but hopefully the reno will be faster! Let me know if i can help…

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