We Will Miss You Willie

Willie the Weimaraner 

We just got news that Shala’s Brother & his wife’s dog, Willie – had to be put down this morning.  Truly a sad day, as many of you here w/ pets I’m sure can relate to.  Willie was a Weimaraner.  He was a special dog, I loved getting the chance to play with him when we went to visit.  He weighed over 100 lbs, and so for most folks he was intimidating… but I love dogs so much that I would always end up wrestling with him in the floor – until he slapped me and made me remember that he was not your average dog.  Or when he would open his mouth and put my whole entire forearm in it… it didn’t take long before I would say… “Willie, get in your place.” 

And he would.  Sucking the corner of his bed the whole time.

As much power he possessed, he still was such a playful dog, seemed as if he was still a puppy, even though he had actually been in the family longer than I had (he was 8 1/2).  I remember that Shala took Mikey (our wiener dog) with her to visit one time and Mikey was a pup.  Even though Willie could have gobbled him up – it seems as if they were friends and maybe even Willie was a lil scared of him.  Or at least that is the impression Shala gave me when they got back.

Willie was a great dog.  He had little things about him that you could go on and on about.  His bird-dog expectations… or maybe his “scared of the dark”-ness.  I’m sure the list is longer that I could even begin to tell you.

We love you & miss you already Willie – you had such a big heart and such a playful spirit.  Thanks for being one of those lifetime dogs.  For those with pets, be sure to rub your lil or big guy on its head tonight.  Our thoughts & prayers go out to Russell & Sheila in this time of grief.

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