Can Chickens Eat Pinto Beans?

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Sometimes I am cleaning out our fridge (we have a new goal for 2017 to stop wasting… food, time, money… anything) and we have some leftover beans from the week and I think…

Can chickens eat beans?

It really is a good question, a boring one… but deep down I think, chickens are like feathered pigs – they will eat anything right?  Not true.  Some foods are not good for chickens, but beans are another story.

As long as you are cooking the beans, you are good to go – and just like anything, if they are a treat – go for it.  Don’t just buy 9Million beans and feed your chickens with them, it will not be good (it’ll give them the farts… jk).  An occasional treat of cooked pinto beans is just fine.

So there you have it – can you feed chickens pinto beans? Yes.

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