Holy Hell: Suddenlink Communications

I am debating if writing this will even be worth it. 

Therapeutic?  I doubt it.

We moved in November, into our first house.  Was a big deal, hell still is.  We set everything up waaaaaaaaay early in hopes that nothing would get screwed up, delayed or whatever.  You know how it goes sometimes…

“The earliest we can hook up your phone Mr. Cross… lets see… 4 weeks from this next Friday.”


“Yup, we are super busy.  You have a technician at the residence on the 23rd.   Between 7AM & 6PM.”


One of those type of deals.  Other than phone – since we decided to ditch the house phone in favor of our cell phones, no problems with transfers… no deposits… smooth.  We thought we had really got a jump on things and finally were going to get everything in order for once by move in day.

We did alright.  Everything was super… got the moving done, appliances delivered within 2-3 days, cable on, internet, electricity & gas.  Rockin’ & rollin’.

In walks Suddenlink and weedle’d in my Wheaties.  What a way to waste a Wednesday.  Actually none of that really meant anything, I was just flowing with the alliteration.  So disregard… unless you were an English major and that just made your day (go ahead, go back and read it again…

W-eedle’d… Wh-eaties… Wh-at… W-aste… W-ednesday.

Exciting isn’t it.

The install wasn’t bad at all, ‘sep it took 2 hours and if you don’t get the phone… the world of the technician’s just crumbles. 

“You’re not getting the phone?!?”

Dude… just install it already.  This wasn’t the problem really -it started way later.

 We got our first bill and I went online & paid it.  No biggie.  Just like I always did.  The next month, got the bill…


Our bill was over 250$ easily, honestly I want to think it was more.  I’m like… man, this can’t be right I know I paid it.  So spend a few minutes looking through statements online and sure enough drafted just like I suspected.  I mutter something about calling and straightening it out the next day and it’s a done deal. 

Next day I call, they say that my account hasn’t been turned off at the old address.  Of course I turned it off at the old address, it just hadn’t been done.  SO the amount I paid actually went towards that bill at the old address, was never applied to the bill at my new address and so I was seeing two months plus penalties.  Pissed, I hold and explain to several people over and over.  All seem to understand and my phone services keeps getting brought up.  I explain that phone was to never be turned on… I didn’t need it.  What?!  What do you mean no phone?  What… what do you mean what do I mean no phone… how could you misunderstand what I just said.  Was it unclear? 

They say they will cancel my phone.  Well… yeah since I never scheduled it to be turned on… go ahead and cancel that then.  They say that until the phone service is cancelled they cannot credit my account with the money from the other.  Ok.  Whatever.  Just do it.

Weeks go by and no one calls me back about it, like they said they would.  A supervisor even.  Yeah right.

I call back and ask for my balance… 300 blahbity blah blah.


A conversation takes place about a few other conversations that took place and more notes get written on my record, more questions about my phone.  They will cancel it.  Thanks.

I call back in a few days to see if everything got moved and sure enough – money put in my account, by now two months had passed so the total was 200$+ but rightly so.  I am not trying to make money – just pay my remaining balance after being sure everything is correct… and start fresh next month.  We all make mistakes… they are a manual based company, things happen.  No worries.

So after paying the remainder, all was on track and straightened out.  All was good again.

Bill comes this month… 260$…


Back on the phone with them today where I explain that it shows that I was wrongly charged 145$ that should have been a credit to my account, then the same day 145$ was taken away.  She tells me, yes there was a mistake and 145$ was added to your account, but don’t worry the 145$ was added back.  I said yeah.  So this is how it went down…

Balance: 139$

Suddenlink charges me +145$ for nothing.

Balance: 284$

Suddenlink makes a credit for -145$.

Balance: 139$

New billing cycle ends +139$

Balance: 278$

They claim that they did credit me 145$, it is right there. 


“Yes sir, but then you were credited that money back.” 

“YEAH… but that just put me back to where I was before you guys charged me the 145$ for nothing.  I was never credited it from that point.”

“Ooooooooooooooh.  I see what you mean.”

30 min later.  They add up both accounts from the beginning, add up all my payments and they end up needing to credit me even more than I thought.  Instead of 145$ it was 200$ something.  So instead of 278$ that was on my bill, 55$ was the final amount.  I wonder how many people they just get that money from.  Sons-a-bitches.

All that… and I hate their song.  Just haunts me in my head. 

“Suddenlink… we’re connected… yeah…”

Suck it.

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