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Gardening is one of our favorite pasttimes.  We recently got involved in gardening and since doing so we have found out we love to spend our time together in our garden.  It is a lot of work, it has bad days when you are digging trenches and sweating in the sun… but those days are put to rest when you see your flower bloom or your vegetable garden puts out some veggies.  There is just something about growing a plant from a seed or if you transplant and grow it from a small plant to a large one. 

In our process of learning about gardening we will do our best to fill everyone in on what we find and learn as well.  We do not claim to know everything – in fact we love to learn new tips and techniques so interaction wit other gardeners is an awesome way for us to do so.  Learn with us about gardening and we will do our best to keep it fun, funny, smart and readable. 

Below you will find our blogs about gardening, articles and how to’s that hopefully will help in your search for gardening excellence.  We are continually adding content and new pictures – so be sure to check back from time to time.  You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking this link or simply click the link you are looking for below and have a great day.  GET TO GARDENING ALREADY!

Gardening Tips & Techniques from Double Danger

Simple Organic Ways To Repel Mosquitoes – Do away with those pests and turn your backyard back into a party place!

10 Tips For Organic Ant Control – Ants are a pain, but if you are trying to stay green while controlling ants, these tips will help.

6 Lessons We Learned From Gardening – Gardening is becoming so much more than a hobby.  Gardening teaches you about life.

When To Harvest Asparagus – A few tips on growing/harvesting asparagus.  We are not experts just yet, but the internet is… we just do all the legwork for you.

How To Care For A Lime Tree – Basic care for lime trees, potted lime trees and information for lime tree growers.  We are growing them in Texas, not sure about every single region.

Grape Vine Arbor Design Idea – Learn how we created our grape arbor complete with simple design and pictures.  Once again, not experts – we can tell you what worked for us.

Redesigning The Flowerbed – Watch our progress with digging up our flowerbed and redesigning – with pictures.

How To Grow Potatoes – Simple potato growing techniques and tips.  Easy to learn.

How To Make A Stone Path In A Garden – Make your own pathway for your backyard garden, pictures available.

Gardening Pictures

Cantaloupe Pictures – We take pictures of our cantaloupe from sprout to producing actually cantaloupes for us to eat!

Cucumber Pictures – Watch our cucumbers grow from sprouts to spitting out cucumbers left and right.

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