Garden Stalking: it is just something we do…

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We are weird.  Too weird at times.  Most of you know this though – and that is why a lot of you are here now.  Just see what the hell we are talking about and also to see if we took picture of your garden while you were having dinner or helping your kids w/ their homework.


Actually this is a local edition of Garden Stalkers – so all you internet-ers are safe this time… but we are about to turn this into a weekly post… so you are not safe for long.  Better get your gardens up to par, or you are probably going to be made fun of by yours truly in the coming months.  Like that is something new.

Last night we decided to grab the camera and get a few shots of some gardens & plants that always seem to be catching our eye lately.  Then we got distracted by ice cream and went home.  But before the ice cream… we snapped a few shots.  Check it.

Roses - nice.

This setup is on my way to work everyday.  It has some roses, which neither one of us has ever been a huge fan of.  I mean, we respect them… just not our style.  However, these look awesome w/ some cool pink flowers in the fore front.  It is a nice switch up from the normal rose-bush-stand-alone-focal-point-idea. The same people had this lil gem hiding in the back hugging the alley…

Alley Veggie Garden - we like!

Yup that is a veggie garden… in the alley.  A growing trend here in Midland, TX – a trend we like to see.  As we passed this one, we quickly saw another just one more house down…

Alley Vegetable Garden

Pretty cool eh?  only 4 plants, but you gardeners know how that turns in to 5… then a second bed… 15 plants, a lawn clearing – bean pole… community garden… acre.  A little bit further down…

Another Alley Garden

This one had a bit more room in the back – but still, basically an alley garden.  They had 10 or so plants (tomatoes we think) and a lot of space to work with.  Way to go garden neighbors.

Agave w/ it's junk out.

Check out the Agave w/ it’s junk out.  Yup – for those that don’t know, looks like this guy has hit his game over stage.  That giant aspargus lookin’ thing is the spike the beloved Agave sends up at the end of it’s life cycle.  You can’t tell because the picture is small – but there is another one in there that did so last year and cratered.  Now this one – our guess – the one on the right is up for next year.  Big agaves though – we can’t wait until ours gets to this point.

Are you a garden stalker like we are?  We do this all the time, so expect to see more and more local (and online) garden stalking in the near future.  Just don’t call the cops on us.  Please.

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