Happy Monday or Something…

Had another one of those weekends where you are running around doing things and then you look up and its bedtime on Sunday and you say…

What?!?  Where did our weekend go?

But, sometimes weekends are like that.  Sometimes you just roll with the punches and then jump right back in line on Monday morning to knock another week out.  Or at least it is like that with us every once in a while.

We had some family come down and stay with us, then a family reunion and then yesterday we ventured out to see Dark Knight.  Anyone else make it to watch Dark Knight this weekend?  We were very happy we did.  Besides the fact we sat on the front row… still – it was awesome.  Definitely my favorite Batman to date.

The garden got totally neglected this weekend, besides a few run-throughs with a flash light at the end of the night.  Sad to see a weekend pass and not get to spend a little bit of time doing something out there.  Oh well, we will make up for it this weekend.  Our peppers are doing great (jalapenos, banana, santiagos, anahiems, hot portugals), the squash actually bloomed (the female) this weekend with about 10 males doing the same – so hopefully we will have some squash by end of the week.  Still no cantaloupes AT ALL… sucks.  Our tomatoes are about to explode with growth… looks like there are ten million about to pop out.  Okra is growing like normal, same with the Cucumbers.

Finally… we feel like we are gardeners, after a long wait.

How does your garden grow?  Any cool stories?  Let ’em fly.

We are working on a contest to give away some free iTunes downloads… any suggestions would be appreciated.  LET’S TALK!

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday or Something…”

  1. although, I’ve yet to take pictures – ours is growing like MAD… I’ll try and post some pictures tonight – but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nice our hay garden is going. We’ve got HUGE watermelon plants along with producing zuchini/squash, and those awesome tomatos – we even ate some of those lil’ spoonful tomatos this weekend – very flavorable.

    Anyway, I’ll let my pictures explain the rest – ours is small, but very productive.

    As to the weekend flying by, yeah, ours was the same way, although we made HUGE steps towards the actual “Market Opening casa de la tiptons!”

  2. @tim – awesome, was wondering when we would get to see the pics. Did anything make it from the transplants? figured they all shriveled up. Bring on the pics already… geeeeeez.

  3. to be honest, I don’t think any of them did… >;\

    BUT – i could be a little bit crazy and not know what I’m talking about – that’s entirely possible…

    ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! I’ll get ’em for ya!

  4. We had to laugh when we read the part about you going through your garden at night with a flashlight. On occasion when we don’t spend enough time in the garden during the day, we will return home late at night and put up our deck umbrella… it has solar powered lights on it and we’ll look around the garden under the canopy of lights. Aren’t we gardeners an odd lot?? LOL

    Sounds like your garden is right up there with ours. The zucchini and cucumbers are just now bringing on flowers and fruit, our peppers are bearing tiny little morsels and the tomatoes have gone wild and have set a ton of little green fruit. Other than that, all of our bean varieties have bloomed and some have little tiny beans on them and we’re still waiting on the tomatillos to start producing their little lanterns.

    Stop by and see the pictures Jason took of our growth and production thus far in the season.

    Love your blog, by the way…

  5. @Tim – All I am saying is get some DAMN pictures up. haha & don’t sweat it… I am not sure any of ours made it either.

    @Shibaguyz – thanks for stopping by! It is good to know that others are crazy like us & walk around at midnight just to see if their squash has grown an inch. haha

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