Our Plants Hate Us, Our Dogs Hate Us – And We Are Sure You Do Too

We’ve been bad blog, dog & plant parents. 

We have finally made it through the month of May.  There were a few days in there that I didn’t think we would ever make it.  James went out of town three weekends in a row and I went out of town two.  The other weekends were spent at family functions in other towns 30 or 45 minutes away.  We. Are. Tired.

Our yard and plants have suffered.  Most things are still living they just aren’t doing as well as they could be, but this weekend we are HOME.  In fact there are no out of town trips planned for this whole month and we hope to keep it that way.  There is grass to cut, potatoes to harvest, plants to prune and empty barrels to fill.

At this point I would have to say that the tomatoes in the Aerogarden are looking the best and feeling the least amount of stress.

Cherry tomato plant in Aerogarden

(Yes, we do realize that the name tag says cilantro.  It’s a liar. LIAR!  We used our own seeds for this and it was the only tag that we had.)

This picture was taken a week ago and these plants have grow a lot since then.  The Aerogarden will never take the place of our garden outside, but we do enjoy trying to grow different things and watching how fast they grow.

We will take some pictures this weekend of the other things going on.  It’s been a tough year to keep things documented but maybe things are slowing down and we will get better.


1 thought on “Our Plants Hate Us, Our Dogs Hate Us – And We Are Sure You Do Too”

  1. oh, Shala! We could NEVER hate you and James!
    As much as we want blog entries constantly, all is always forgiven! Cuz you guys are Danger times two and who wants to mess with THAT!?!

    Hope you’ve been having lots of fun!

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