The Birds Are Eating Our Peaches!

Damn birds.

I failed to take a picture of it, but they went to town on them yesterday, I bet they put their lil nosey beaks in 15 peaches.  When I went home at lunch I was like… ummm what is going on?!?

Quickly I realized that our lil feathered friends were doing work on our lil peachy friends.

Not cool birds.  Not cool.

So what do we do about it?  Nets?  Or just let them have their share.  The sad thing is there isn’t a ton on there, it is only like a 3 year old tree – so its still growing.  I don’t want to shoot them, and our dogs are about the WORST bird dogs ever in life.  They are best friends with the birds and take turns giving them rides around the yard, and letting them stand on their back to eat our peaches.

Yeah – we think our dogs are in on it as well.  I’m sure the birds drop a few scraps that are quickly nibbled up by Ghost Dog & Mikey Danger.  At least that is my theory.

So any suggestions?  Our peaches are small, but are already turning color and I actually ate one… which wasn’t bad at all.  I hate to lose them all due to those silly birds… but what do we do?

2 thoughts on “The Birds Are Eating Our Peaches!”

  1. @deb – yeah… figured we would have to do that. Was hoping our dogs would do a better job… so much for that idea.

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