And The Last Winner Is…

After this past week – you can’t say we haven’t ever gave you anything.  Well… I guess some of you still can.  But still.  This whole give-away thing was a lot of fun, we are happy to have been able to do this for our readers.  We are happy that we have met so many new and nice folks that love gardening as much as us.  So what we are trying to say is…

Thank you!

Now… what you all really came back for… the last give away winner.  Let’s get to it.

The Last Winner

Jeannie from Geno’s Garden took home the final prize (for now) and from her comment – it would look like she bribed us.  But trust… that is not the case.  We never would take a bribe.  Unless it was very lucrative.  Right?  We all have a price.  😉

Once again – we would like to thank Joe Lamp’l and we urge you to go check out his site and you can obviously buy his book… that’s legal.  Or you can find him on Twitter tweeting away.  Go follow Joe!

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