Anyone Need A Bell Pepper?

I think we are about to be neck deep in bell peppers.  We had some issues with our pepper plants at the beginning of this season, so we grabbed a few plants (at a cut-rate) at a local nursery.  Well… those pepper plants have 2-3 (some have 4-5) bell peppers already set… and we are thinking…


We have an addiction… seriously.  Oh well.  Check these pics of our lil bell pepper butts (yeah… we call them that)…

Bell Peppers (babies!)

How awesome is that?  Very.  We love bell peppers, we use them in fajitas, pepper steak… we are about to stuff some and see how that is…

What do you use bell peppers for?

If you have any tips, recipes or anything… please share.  We are going to need to figure out how to use all of these.  Of course we will lend some to our friends & family – but help us use our bell peppers!

1 thought on “Anyone Need A Bell Pepper?”

  1. I made this mistake last year – and I don’t even like bell peppers! I ended up just chopping them up and throwing them into most any little “all in one” dish I did – easy for me to pick out, and my husband likes them. If you have red ones you can always roast them and preserve them in some olive oil – not sure if you can do that with green, though.

    Speaking of peppers, since you guys have a ton, a Q – do youwait for cayenne peppers to turn red on the vine or do you pick them and them they turn? Or does it matter? Or do they even have to be red? I finally picked a few since each of my plants had like 6 full grown on there, but they’re all still green…?

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