Fat Tracking Friday: Shala Edition (3/28/08)

I know, I know!  It is Wednesday, not Friday, but I am the queen of procrastination.  I’m working on it though and will soon get better, I hope.

I went back to Weight Watchers this past Friday for the first time in two weeks. 

See I slack at everything, not just blogging. 

Anyway, after two weeks of being away I had lost .6 pounds.  Not too great, but not too bad after what I had eaten the two weeks prior to weighing in.

Since starting Weight Watchers I have lost 7.6 pounds.  At one point I was up to a loss of 8 pounds, but obviously I gained a little back.  It’s ok though, I’m actually happy with the 7.6 pounds.  That doesn’t mean that I am stopping there, I still have a way to go to reach my personal weight goal. 

However, I have already met my Weight Watchers goal.  This means that I am now a lifetime member and as long as I stay within two pounds of the weight that they set and weigh in at least once a month I will remain a member without having to pay a fee.

I intend to keep weighing in and attending the meetings.  I’m afraid that if I don’t I will gain back all of the weight that I have lost and I sure don’t want to yo-yo like I have done in years past.

We have really made life style changes and I couldn’t do it without my partner.

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  1. that’s cool. i’ve got a buddy who is in weight watchers. he’s lost a ton of weight. i would like to do it also, if for no other reason than to train myself how to score foods that arent necessarily in the book.

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