Fat Tracking “Good” Friday: James Edition

Was updating a user in our system yesterday and while doing so I had to update the password and when I got to that part I stopped a froze.  The password was…


**shakes head**

There is no way this person knew me but still it made me laugh a minute and funny enough it gave me enough strength to get a bit motivated again.  Fat James huh… ok.  Part of me wanted to call the lady up and say…

“Hey random lady… YOUR FAT!”

I know, so third grade, but so what I wanted to do.  I restrained myself though and found comfort in the fact that I was closer to being “skinnyjames” than “fatjames”.  However, no one was using the first of the two as a password.  Just “fatjames”.  Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  I like “skinnyjames” quite a bit better though.

This week I channeled some inner kick-ass and decided I didn’t want to faulter again.  I got on the treadmill once… its a start OK!  I ate a ton better than weeks before.  Last weekend I tried to eat myself into a coma, so I had to do a ton of work to get going once the week started.  It seemed to payoff though.

My weight this week…

208.4 lbs

For some reason (maybe because I gained 1.2 lbs) I didn’t update the fat tracker or actually spit out the weight (just the weightloss) from last week.  So if you didn’t know I was at 210.6 lbs.  So technically I lost 2.2 lbs, but we all know that I had been down to 209.6 lbs the week before that – so really I am down a pound from my lowest weight.

I can say that I haven’t been this weight in years.  205 is soooo close I can taste it.  Wait, different analogy…  it is so close I can smell it.  😉

3 thoughts on “Fat Tracking “Good” Friday: James Edition”

  1. it’s odd to me that the last two posts have had something to do with food and the anti spam words have been lunch and dinner.

    dude, you don’t look like you weigh anywhere near 200 lbs. if i had had to guess id give you 185 tops. i weigh in at a nice and hefty 213.

  2. I wish you were my scale, instead of my scale being my scale. It keeps telling me I’m fatter than I am I think. haha

    I think I carry most of my weight in my massive arms. haha and/or head.

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