Fattracking Friday (3/07/2008): James

Sometimes during the week Shala & I will be dying for something not on the healthy side of life.  We cuss and discuss it and the realization always comes that we will have to report our weight loss or gain at the end of the week… which seems to keep us on track most of the time.

This week we were having one of those moments and something was said to the effect…

“Well we could just forget to blog on Friday.”

haha – indeed we could.

No one would be the wiser – except us of course.  We would have to live with the fact that not only did we fall off the wagon at some point (which happens, and so what), but that we didn’t want to tell everyone – like it doesn’t happen to everyone. 

I can’t say I haven’t done it though.  I mean if you look back when I was on jcnet – there months upon months that I didn’t do it.  Why?  Nothing to report, I wasn’t doing it and I damn sure wasn’t about to tell people that. 😉

Now however, I look at it like you guys are saving my life with every passing week.  I know that people check in on me & Shala both at the end of the week (if nothing else).  By us knowing this – it keeps us from slamming that bag of chips or tearing into that Burger King every other day… “because its just down the street”.  You keep me thinking about the end goal.  If it means this week I only lost .1 lbs or gained 2… knowing that 2 years ago, I was constantly gaining – with no care of the damage my body was taking.

I guess I’m saying… Thanks.  Thanks for keeping me in check.  I know there will be weeks I faulter, times I get “to busy” or “tired of it”… but knowing I have to report to all of you guys/gals, I usually can fight it off.

Tough week this week >> .4 lbs lost.

That puts me at 209.4 lbs with 30.6 lbs lost total since I started.  A loss is a loss, no matter how big or small. 

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