Fattracking Friday – The Shala Edition

We have known all our lives that you should never ask a woman her weight and if you are a woman you were taught to never tell your weight, it isn’t lady-like.  Well, if you know anything about me you know that I don’t like to follow rules nor am I lady-like, so here goes my first fat tracking Friday!  I started Weight Watchers on December 5, 2007 weighing in at 146 pounds. 

 Wow, that was a lot harder to write then I thought it was going to be.

 Anyway, I started at 146 pounds and so far have lost 5.6 pounds putting me at 140.4.  

Weight Watchers is by far the best and easiest lifestyle change (this time it really is a lifestyle change not a diet)  I have ever done.  For the most part you eat what you want and count your points.  It isn’t rocket science and you learn very quickly what to eat the most of for the least amount of points.  The weight is coming off very slowly for me and there are two reasons for this or so I’ve been told: #1) I don’t have that much to lose and #2) I haven’t been following the diet as closely as I should (that one is definatly a no-brainer).

 The past two weeks have been especially hard since I was out of town part of last week and James is out of town part of this week.  Since we were both going to be out of town we chose not to go to the grocery store so that our fruits and veggies wouldn’t rot before we both got home and started back cooking and eating.  That makes weight loss very hard and I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow morning so that Sunday we can start not eating out again.

At Weight Watchers you weigh in once a week and so far this is how my weeks look:

#1)  146.0

#2)  143.4 – Loss of 2.6 pounds

#3)  142.2 – Loss of 1.2 pounds

#4)  143.0 – Gain of 0.8 pounds (This was the week of New Year’s and apparently I drank and ate WAY too much!)

#5)  141.6 – Loss of 1.4 pounds (woohoo back on track)

#6)  141.0 – Loss of 0.6 pounds

 #7)  139.6 – Loss of 1.4 pounds

#8)  139.4 – Loss of 0.2

#9)  Out of town so I didn’t weigh

#10) 140.4 – Gain of 1 pound 🙁  Definitely the affect of being away from home and eating whatever I wanted.

Looking back on those numbers I don’t think that I am doing too shabby.  The two times that I have gained weight I have gained it for very obvious reasons.

Along with diet you obviously have to incorporate some exercise and while we have done a little here and there we haven’t really been consistant.  Our treadmill arrived this week though and that is going to change my exercise routine or lack thereof. 

Last night I started the Couch to 5K Running Plan and if any of you have a treadmill or would like to begin running I would definatly take a look.  Although last night was hard and my legs are hurting today, its doable and if you only make it for 15 minutes, then that is 15 minutes that you would’ve been sitting on the couch instead.  The plan is to do this every other day so that your muscles can rest on their days off.  On those days off I will let my legs rest and do some sort of strength training. 

For Christmas, James got me the Women’s Health magazine and every issue has a different strength training exercise routine.   I know that the exercise will boost my weight loss and I’m excited to see where I can go from here.

 So here’s to the next week and getting back on track!  Hope that everyone has a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Fattracking Friday – The Shala Edition”

  1. Mashala, I am so proud of you and J both. You both look so different than you did two months ago. Keep up the good work..and it will pay off in the end. I know that you both can do it!!! Love yall!!!

  2. Well, first I would like to say that you are very courageous . Not anyone would post there weight for everyone to see. In the other hand, if i was loosing ALL that weight, I would be telling everyone! Congratulation, should have gone when you invited me!:(

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