Of Cars, Casinos and Burritos

I worked on that title for about 3 seconds… can you tell?

So this weekend was a rare weekend at home for us.  Seems like lately and in the near future we have been/will be on the go.  We have had fun and have a lot more stuff to have fun doing… but man it gets tiring.

I had borrowed my Mother’s car to go to NU4 since it got better gas mileage and since the Expedition’s A/C has been stupid for a while.  While I had it, my Mom & Stepdad took mine and had a guy look at it at the Ford house in Andrews.  Well they got it fixed, and put a new windshield in it… because I guess that is what parents do (make note of that for when I have kids with a broken A/C & cracked windshield).  I was kinda mad at first, but figured they would take my money – but they wouldn’t.  They said to “pay them when I sold it”.  I love my parents… I hope I can be a badass as they are someday.

We were debating on purchasing Shala’s parents Expedition, because it is in better shape and my A/C wasn’t working… in fact we had the conversation this past Friday with all intentions of doing so.  Well, with everything back to normal now on my car… we opted not to.  **Don’t yell at me Mom… please.** 😉

We have a few more things to do to it to get it going 100%, but shouldn’t be too much money and hopefully it will last us a couple more years.  It is paid off… can you blame me for wanting to run it into the ground? haha

Shala’s car needs a brake job, oil change.  That is on the list of things for this week.  Freakin’ cars.  Mine also needs an inspection (because I procrastinated… go figure).  So hopefully we can get all that done this week.  Because we are headed to the Austin area to see some girls that could care less about car inspections and brake jobs.  We can’t wait.

Mark cars off the title, got that off our chests.

Next… casino.  Our favorite.

There is a casino in Hobbs, NM at the racetrack that we have went to a few times this past month or so.  It is about an hour & a half away or so… this time we stopped in and picked up my parents and we all went to see how quick we could lose our money.  This place only has slots, which sucks… but it does give you that fix that you need everyone once in a while.

We had went a few weeks back and spent about 5 hours there… and after gas and gamblin’ the whole time we spent about 100 bucks.  Not bad if you ask me.  Sure, everyone wants to come away winners… but hell, 5 hours of entertainment, food and gas – 100 bucks isn’t bad at all.

This time we spent about the same amount of time there and at first it wasn’t looking all that great for me.  Shala was over there keeping it about even and I was over here losin’ my butt.  Well we decided to eat there, then play a little more before we left.  I had been playing nickel machines & penny machines mostly… so I ventured out to the dollar machines and before I could really realize what paid what – I hit about $350.  Shala & I hi-5 each other and after playing a bit, I move on to the .50 machine.  I continue to hit, and pocket another 100$.  Not bad… lets get the hell out of dodge.

Ok… we might not have left that fast… but still – we did leave ahead.  Always good.


Yesterday morning we went to pick up some breakfast burritos.  We went to a local place (Oscar’s) and forgot it was closed on Sunday… no biggie… just a trip across town for nothing.  So we headed to Jumburrito, a local chain-ey type place.  Shala decides she doesn’t want that, so I get mine and we drive across town to get her burrito from another local chain-ey type place, Taco Villa.  Well we get there and get to the speaker and the guy says…

“Sorry, we don’t open until 10”


Ok… so we leave and wonder… well what time is it?  No watch, no cell phones… crap.  We find the nearest bank and it 9:45.  Shala says screw it she won’t eat and she drives us back home. 

Well, I’m not for that.  I tell her I will get her something, she says no… I beg & plead.  She finally caves and we head back to Taco Villa.  We get there and wait and get up to the speaker and Shala orders her breakfast burrito.

“Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast on Sundays”

What the…

Are you serious?  Shala orders lunch, we go home and laugh about it.  Perhaps we should have taken the sign that we didn’t need to eat.  C’est la vie.

Today… a totally new day.  Trying to get back on a healthier diet, streamline some finances and get going again.  Seems like we have been stalled out a bit.  Can you tell things like that on the blog?  Our garden has suffered.  WE SHALL RETURN TO OUR BLOGGIN’ SELVES!  PROMISE!  How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Of Cars, Casinos and Burritos”

  1. Dang, and Jumburrito does make some pretty good breakfast burritos, too. Taco Villa’s seem a little greasy to me. I hate to admit it, but breakfast burritos are the solitary thing that I will go to a McD’s for. Yeah, they’re small, so ya need two, but they’re tasty even in spite of the bland, generic stuff they dare call “salsa.”

  2. 1. cars – awesome parents, glad to save you from buying another one, i’m sure.

    2. Casino’s – that’s what i’m talking about, stick it to the man and take back your money! Jess and I go with only 20 bones to blow – when that’s out, we’re out… too cheap for gambling i reckon.

    3. Burritos – I LOVE oscars, I used to skip Chemistry every day and go up there when I was in high school. Taco Villa has some awesome Bfast burritos too – +1 for Shalalalalalalalalalalaaaa! and -1 for TV not doing bfast on Sunday – COME ON MAN … PULL YOUR HEAD OUT!

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