Where Does All My Carmex Go?

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Where does all the unfinished carmex go?Got a serious question for you this morning.  Seriously.  No… I mean it.  Lets get sincere here.

Has anyone ever finished a entire thing of carmex?

I am about 2 weeks from doing so (just an estimate) and never in my life have I made it to the end.  I have seen the bottom a few times… like unwrapping a gift when that carmex breaks through and shows me that white container bottom.  What a feeling.  Then within days it vanishes.  Poof!

I don’t know where it goes, who ends up with it… perhaps there is a pit somewhere filled with the dying remains of all the unfinished carmex-es.  Probably nextdoor to all those socks lost in the dryer.  Or down the street from all those earring backs, hair clippies and all the other unsolved mysteries.

I’m finishing this one though.  Last time, and I do mean the last time I bought carmex… I made it to the bottom and broke through to the white land of glee… only to lose it again.  Not going to happen this time.  Por favor believe it.

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