10 Gifts For The BBQ/Grilling Dad For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is coming up this month.  Like it or not.  And since this is the first Father’s Day ever that I am actually on the receiving end of things… wait… we didn’t tell you guys yet?  I guess we didn’t.

Grilling Dads - REJOICE!

Double Danger is about to get a new team member… you can call us Triple Danger from now on (thanks FB & Twitter friends!).

Yup – we are going to be proud parents for the first time, so I planned it perfectly and I didn’t have to get Shala a Mother’s Day gift, but she will have to get me one for Father’s Day.  See what I did there?!?  😉

OK – enough about me/us – let’s talk about potential gifts for your BBQing Father this Father’s Day.  These are not in any particular order – just gathered… so don’t think #1 is better than #10… it is all the same.

1. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

I’m a nerd when it comes to BBQing.  Hell, I’m a nerd when it comes to anything.  I am a computer guy, a guy that likes badass toys (who doesn’t right?) and so even w/ something as simple as a thermometer – I think no differently.  This is a great tool that makes sense when you are BBQing because you need to know how hot something is instantly – you need to check surfaces while staying sterile… so nothing makes more sense than this lil dude! 

Woot Deals linked to one the other day that was on sale for a little over 20 bucks, here you go…

Buy A Non Contact Infrared Thermometer For Your Dad This Father’s Day

2. A Super Portable Charcoal/Gas Grill

Is your Dad a tail-gater?  Is he one that likes to go camping?  One thing every man needs is a portable grill of some kind.  You can’t really drag your big pit around in the back of your Expedition for 4 hours (right after cooking on it) and expect to be friendly again w/ the folks having to travel w/ you… can you?  Well I used to – hell I did not to long ago, but I’m weird.  You don’t want your Father to be weird do you?  He already is?  Well… nevermind.

Seriously, a portable grilling setup is a great gift and can be used for all kinds of goodies.  Want to eat some hot dogs/hamburgers/armadillo eggs/brats… you got it. 

For portables – you gotta hit up Coleman – the maker’s of the original green gas stove (if you want to go gas).

Buy Your Father A Coleman PerfectFlow Gas Grill/Stove This Father’s Day

If you want to go charcoal – then definetly go w/ a Weber.

Buy Dad A Portable Weber Charcoal Grill For Father’s Day

3. Low & Slow BBQ Book

I have been a fan of this book for a long time, so it is a no brainer for me to recommend it to anyone.  It takes BBQing back to the basics, tells you that you don’t need fancy racks & contraptions to make good BBQ – just patience, smoke & beer.  Ok – maybe I added the beer… but still.  This book will help your dad become a great when it comes to the ‘Q.  I’m sure he already is… but this can actually make him better.

Buy Your Dad Low & Slow (BBQ Book) This Father’s Day

4. BBQ Of The Month (Tools/Sauces)

You thought that this was just for beers/wines? (that is later in the list)  Nah – they have it for everything these days.  If your dad likes to play around w/ different Sauces or he is a nut when it comes to new BBQ tools – well… do we have the thing for him.  I have recently stumbled across a BBQ Sauce or BBQ Tool of the month club that gives you just what they claim, a bbq sauce a month or a bbq tool a month.   You can sign up for different lengths of time – 3 mth, 6 mth, 9 mth, 12 mth.

Buy Your Dad A BBQ Sauce/Tool Of The Month Subscription For Father’s Day 

5. Stubb’s

Ok – so if you don’t know Stubb’s (whether you are from Texas or not) – you don’t know BBQ.  C.B. Stubblefield is a legend in Texas BBQ and his sauces, rubs & marinades are epic when it comes to BBQ.  If you are ever in Austin – you HAVE to stop in and eat at Stubb’s and experience the atmosphere that makes it famous.  If you can’t make it to Texas – you can buy Stubb’s sauces, rubs & marinades online or in your local stores.  I suggest grabbing a little bit of everything and creating a basket/gift pack for your Dad this Father’s Day – so he can experience the range of flavors Stubb’s has to offer (and of course everyone else will get to too).

Buy Your Dad Stubb’s BBQ Sauce, Rubs & Marinades This Father’s Day

6. Weber’s On The Grill App For The iPhone

If your Dad is already a nerd and has an iPhone – then you might just want to fund his addiction w/ a few BBQ/Grilling Apps.  Weber has an awesome grilling caddy app for the iPhone called Weber’s On The Grill.  It is the most talked about grilling app on the market – and hey – it is made by Weber… so it has to be legit right?  Right.  Over 250 Classic Weber recipes and also ideas for rubs/marinades and tips to keep you grilling all year long!

For The Nerdy Dad Buy The Weber On The Grill App For iPhone

7. Beer Of The Month Club(s)

BBQ/Grilling without beer?  Never.  Or at least in this household.  I hope I don’t offend those non-beer drinkers out there w/ this suggestion – but I figure you have 9 other choices to choose from, so why not.  So if the old man likes to share a cold one while he is doing his grilling/bbqing – then this is a perfect.  You can search around for different options on this one, there are tons out there – but Beer of the Month clubs have been around for a long time… so try to find the one that works best for your dad.  They have all kinds, imports, micro, domestic, local – whatever you choose… check out the specifics to be sure you aren’t getting into something you don’t understand.

Buy Your Father A Beer Of The Month Club Membership For Father’s Day

8. Firewire Flexible Grilling Skewers

These are one of my new favorite grilling accessories – especially since we are gardeners… it means we can use our fresh veggies on the grill – in a super cool way.  These things make so much sense it is dumb that it has taken this long to come up with.  Firewire is a skewer… that is flexible.  Need I say more?  So instead of all these skewers taking up a big section of your grill, you can actually weave them around your already-grilling-greatness.  Awesome right?  Right.  So next time Dad says he is going to throw on some steaks (when really he should be eating his veggies too) – you can remind him of your Father’s Day gift – Firewire Flexible Grilling Skewers.

Buy Your Father Firewire Flexible Grilling Skewers This Father’s Day

9. BBQ/Grilling Light

So it happens to all of us, we plan a to grill – we don’t get started when we should.  Before we know what happened… it is dark – and you can’t see what your doing anymore.  Dad does his best to get the steaks cooked right – but honestly… what can you expect when he is doing it blind.  So instead of eating burnt steak or raw chicken – get your old man a grilling light.  The one I got this past year actually has these heavy duty magnets on the bottom that cling to your grill so you don’t have to worry about dicking around w/ a clamping mechanism or some sort of screw down crap that always gets loose. So be sure you get a nice quality one that will get the job done for Dad this Father’s Day.

Buy Your Dad A BBQ/Grilling Light For Father’s Day

10. Custom BBQ Trailer

Maybe you won the lottery.  Or perhaps your whole entire family has been saving up since birth to get Dad this one of a kind custom trailer he always wanted.  Ok – maybe Dad has been asleep all afternoon and dreaming – and this is what he has been dreaming about.  A custom bbq trailer, smoker trailer or custom pit is what I dream about.  Ask anyone.  My dream is to float around on a big lake and sell BBQ from my custom bbq boat.  Seriously.  Look me up in about 10 years – that is where you will find me.  So the ultimate of ultimate Father’s Day gift… a custom BBQ trailer.  HINT HINT.  😀

Buy Dad A Custom BBQ Pit, BBQ Trailer or Smoker For Father’s Day

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