3 Sisters Garden (Grow Corn, Squash & Beans)

The other day while mixx-ing around, I found this article about a 3 Sisters’ Garden.  After reading the article, it sounded like a great way for first year gardeners or gardeners that don’t have much time – to get involved in vegetable gardening and not be weighed down by all the work involved. 

So let us talk about the 3 sisters and what it means.  Obviously by the title you can assume the 3 veggies that will be grown in a 3 sisters garden.  Corn, squash and beans are easy to grow and will produce enough vegetables for you and yours to eat for the season.  How cool is that. 

Want some corn?  Go pick it.  Want some squash?  Get after it.  Beans?  Get to pickin’.

This garden is very low effort and hard to screw up to be honest.  This article teaches you step by step how to grow the 3 plants and when to harvest.  I’m serious… you can’t mess it up!

If you are wondering how to get involved in gardening, but not get in over your head – a 3 sisters garden is a great way to start.  If you have limited space, worried about prices these days and worry of what you are actually taking into your body from commerically produced veggies… this garden is for you.  So get to planting already!

3 Sisters Garden – Learn to grow corn, squash & beans all together!

3 thoughts on “3 Sisters Garden (Grow Corn, Squash & Beans)”

  1. deb – a pretty cool way to look at it if you ask me. If you read it all, you see what each plant does and how it helps the other. Awesome for small area gardening. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love your style
    Do you mind if I copy and paste your words about Three sisters.
    I have used the principle in schools in NZ and would like to spread the word.
    thought your website said it all!

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