A sad bit of information…

We are not farmers by any means, but seeing these numbers really hit home at just how little actually makes it to the pockets of those farmers out there.  I know this is an average and all that – but still… sad news.

Maximize Your Farmers’ Share of The Food Dollar

So what does this mean?  This means you should be hitting up your local farmers’ market or buying directly from the source if possible.  They should definitely be making more if we can help it.  AND WE CAN!

7 thoughts on “A sad bit of information…”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with supporting local farmers. I am fortunate to live in an area where there are farmers a plenty with roadside stands and also a local farmers market. We try to buy the majority of our produce from the local farmers. Although what I can grow myself I will.

  2. That is a sad reality and I’m guilty of not fully supporting the local growers as much as I should. Mostly out of convience, but I’m getting better!

    I work at Johnny’s Selected Seeds and there are a number of local growers who work in our call-center during our busy season and they’re the salt of the earth when it comes to down-to-earth and friendly. It’s becoming more and more expensive to farm, as the report showed, but they all seem to really do it for the love of it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay their bills, but hopefully people will begin to recognize the value of the quality of their produce and living healthier and smarter. Which, in turn, helps the farmer…help you. Did that make sense? LOL

  3. @Laurie – welcome to our site & it is good to see so many of us support local folks. I don’t think enough people do.

    @Heidi – I hear ya on convience, I wish we had more people here with roadside stands like Laurie does. And no… you make no sense at all, that is why we all get along so good. haha j/k Definitely makes sense.

    @Damien Franco – yeah gotta make it out there this weekend. You should shoot it while your there, share some pics.

  4. I hate to seem so, um, unaware, but does anyone know of a farmer’s market in Odessa? I love fresh produce, but haven’t seen a farmer’s market here in quite some time…

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