And The Encore Garden Giveaway Winners Are…

Geeze… this is going to take me forever.  I hope you guys appreciate what we do for you… 🙂

I’m not going to talk a lot this time just pull a sh!tload of winners and make a sh!tload of people very happy this Monday morning.  So let’s get to it!  Oh and just so you know, I am not going to make the image w/ the comment & random number laid on top – because honestly… that would take me 9 mths, and I would rather deliver a child that to do it – so trust that we will keep it fair & clean!

Winner #1 (Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 3 Pack) – Kathleen Zeman

Way to go Kathleen!  You did it!  You really did it!

Winner #2 (Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 3 Pack) – Breno

Wait… are you a model or something?  Only one name, Breno – that’s hip.  YOU WON!

Winner #3 (Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 3 Pack)- Travis

Travis called his shot like Babe Ruth, saying in his comment… I JUST WON YEAA!  Indeed sir… you did.

Winner #4 (Annie’s Goat Hill Soaps) – Steisy

Now you can wash your garden hands w/ some awesome Goat’s Milk Soap!  Way to go Steisy (also a model apparently).

Winner #5 (The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Composting) – Colleen Vanderlinden

I know I am going to catch hell for this one, as Colleen & I both joked about her winning so we could win a Mousie – but I swear I use to pull the numbers.  Congrats Colleen!

Winner #6 (Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruners) – Ellen Lief

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Good Job ELLEN!  Hope those come in handy!  Handy… get it?!

Winner #7 (Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners/Loppers) – Andrew

Ok – this being my personal favorite giveaway item – just cuz I’m in love w/ my loppers – Andrew… do us proud w/ it!  Congrats!

Winner #8 (Fiskars UpRoot Weed & Root Remover) – Erin Walsh

Have never tried the UpRoot Tool – but I hear it is awesome, glad we could put it in the hands of Erin.  Congrats!

Winner #9 (Annie’s Annuals $25 Gift Certificate) – Jimbo

Gladly give this one over to a guy name Jimbo!  Congrats – hope this helps grow your garden in the right direction.

Winner #10 (Annie’s Annuals $25 Gift Certificate) – Wheeler

Wheeler – you won!  Now you just have to figure out how to spend your money!  Congrats!

Winner #11 (Corona Pruners) – Alexis N. Clark

Alexis – You did it… the unthinkable… YOU WON!  Congrats!

Winner #12 (Corona Pruners) – Susan Crawford

THE Susan Crawford – congrats, hope you can use these pruners to your advantage.

Winner #13 (Corona Pruners) – Matt Moore

Matt Moore – winner.  That is what the headline would read… if I made a newpaper for this?!?  But I don’t.  Congrats.

Winner #14 (Corona Pruners) – Kathy Nunes

You WON Kathy!  Are you excited?  It is not every single day you win a set of Corona Pruners!

Winner #15 (Corona Pruners) – Dianne Warren

Oh no… when I pulled this one… I immediately though, crap – another one I am going to catch hell on.  THIS IS MY MOM!  Congrats mom, you made me… Corona gave you pruners – I think we are even!

Winner #16 (Ethel Gloves) – Catherine MacPhail

Who gets awesome gloves – Catherine!  Congrats Catherine – hope these keep your hands safe!  Good luck & good gardening.

Winner #17 (Felcos Hand Pruners – from – Heather

Mr. Cotter has picked you, WINNER!  Thanks for playing and hope these Felcos made your day!

That is it… 🙁

Wish we could do more but haven’t we done enough!  We have to give a BIG shout-out to all our sponsors, you guys have really went above & beyond on this whole giveaway-a-thon.  We are so proud to be involved w/ you guys and happy to help spread the word when it comes to your awesome products!  We hope everyone had a fantastic time, and even if you didn’t win – you will hop on this comment thread and show some love to our spons0rs.  They really did a great thing for the online gardening community and in hopes to inspire more gardeners to get involved.

Thanks to everyone who participated too – we really do enjoy giving this stuff away – you wouldn’t understand unless you had read the emails and saw the pictures of everyone having fun w/ their winnings!  Expect a “winners” post soon w/ pictures!  Until next time – have a fantastic day and an awesome gardening season!

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