And The Third Winner Is…

I have to make a “crap” joke at some point with this give away right?  I mean after all… its crap.  In  a bag.  And everyone is flocking to have it.  So… yeah… do I really have to?  No – I don’t.  I have restraint. 

What I do have to do is pull a winner.  Or better yet… I let do it for me.  So let us cut to the chase.

And this winner is...

As you can see, Christin takes home the Authentic Haven Brand Soil Conditioner Tea from yesterday’s give-away.  Don’t be upset, I know you wanted free stuff (those of you that are not Christin) – but honestly… can you think of a cooler product for the price?  Go check out the teas and pick one or two up. 

Once again, we would like to thank Annie Haven @ Authentic Haven Brand for this give-away… without our sponsors, we could NEVER give away the things that we do.  So give her a shout out if you can and just let her know how great of a person she is and order some tea!

Day 4’s give-away is on it’s way!

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