And The Winner Of Ethel Gloves Is…

We thought this was your last chance to win… but we have special surprises.  🙂  But this isn’t about that.. it is about this.  Does that make any sense?  Sure it does.

Who’s ready for a pair of Ethel Gloves (or Mechanix) to keep their hands safe while in the garden?  I’m sure everyone is, but there can only be one winner… will it be you?  Possibly.  Let’s get to it already…

The winner of a pair of Ethel Gloves/Mechanix Gloves…

Winner #13 of Ethel/Mechanix Gloves

Congrats to Corey for winning the Ethel Gloves giveaway – well… hopefully he will choose Mechanix Gloves… dude.  Hope they come in handy!

Would like to thank all you “non-winners” AKA losers for playing along – you really have made it fun!  Also – thanks a million to Ethel Gloves for this awesome giveaway – you guys ROCK SOCKS.  I hope everyone will stop by Ethel Gloves and order some if you are in need and take advantage of the 15% gift certificate they created for us – DOUBLEDANGER15

Until next time… is there a next time?!?  😉

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