And The Winner of Great Big Plants is…

With two days of waiting and excitement – we come down to one winner.  And a whole bunch more losers.  Sad… but true.  Don’t forget though, no matter if you win or lose – you can head over to Great Big Plants and use the discount code created specifically for Double Danger readers (DD2010) and that will knock your price down 15%!  But that isn’t why you are here… you are here to see who won… or who didn’t.  So let’s see who did…

Winner of Great Big Plants

Congrats to Dawn for winning this awesome liquid compost provided by Great Big Plants.  I hope you become an addict like we are and if so.. the 15% off will help not cut into your plant budget!

Thanks to everyone for playing along – even though you are all losers.  It is nice of you to fill space – over and over again.  😉  We would also like to thank Great Big Plants of course – for providing this giveaway and hopefully inspiring gardeners to not only use organic products when possible, but also to get into the garden already!

This train keeps a movin’… NEXT!!

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