And The Winners Of The 2nd Batch of Fiskars Goodies Are…

So you didn’t win the first round… so you gave it another shot eh?  No chance you could lose twice right?  No way.  Well… I hate to be the bad news bearer… but…  30 or so of you guys are…

Losers.  Again.  🙁

Two of you awesome readers though… did the unthinkable…  YOU WON!  Let’s get to it.

Winner #1 of the Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner is…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! - Fiskars Pruners

Winner #2 of the Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners (Loppers) is…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Fiskars Loppers!

Congrats you two.  You just made about 32 instant enemies though, you might need those tools to fend them off!  We thank everyone for playing along, Tweeting our giveaways & doing their best to share the love w/ everyone – even though it might lower your chances of winner.  We would also like to thank Fiskars once again for providing these awesome giveaways!  SERIOUSLY!  WHO GIVES AWAY THIS MUCH STUFF!

But it ain’t over yet… nope.  We keep trucking and giving away even more goodies!  How long will it go?  Hell… I don’t even know at this point.  NEXT!

1 thought on “And The Winners Of The 2nd Batch of Fiskars Goodies Are…”

  1. Everyone please note that apparently threats of unfriendship work!

    Thanks guys!! You’ve inspired me – I may have to do some giveaways this summer.

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