And The Winners of the Vapur Water Bottles Are…

Got two winners today… how cool is that?  When your drinking your “water” – be sure to think about us.  The comments on this one really cracked us up.  As we were drinking “water” last night and eating some wings – we pulled up the site via Shala’s iPhone and read through the comments.  You guys are funny – don’t let anyone else tell you different.

However, you didn’t come here to be told that you were funny did you?  Nah – you came here for some free sh!t.  So let’s get to it then.  Winner #1 of a Vapur Water Bottle from H2Ox2 is…

Winner #1 of a Vapur Water Bottle

Congrats Jen – the Cheesehead herself! Your comment cracked us up too.  Hope this Vapur Water Bottle comes in handy while you are out in the garden!

Winner #2 is…

Winner #2 of a Vapur Water Bottle

Congrats Patrice!  Another person that will not be throwing plastic water bottles into the landfills and killing Mother Earth!  That was kinda morbid.  Sorry.  Glad we could help you out though!

Thanks to everyone that played along w/ us.  Once again we do this for you guys and so w/out great folks to give it too – we would be just sitting here with a bunch of freebies… wait… can all you people go away.  That doesn’t sound that bad.  haha

Thanks also to Julie @ for providing these awesome Vapur Water Bottles – if you didn’t win (or if you did) – be sure to stop by and show her some love.  She has TONS of water bottles and you are bound to find one that matches your style.

Now we move on to the next one… will it ever end?!?  NEXT!

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