BBQ Week: Perfect BBQ Entertainment

What is a great BBQ if you don’t have good music or games for everyone to enjoy?  Well probably a boring BBQ if you ask me.  Now this isn’t the same type of tips as we have been providing, but when you are throwing a BBQ it is vital to keep people entertained while they are waiting for the good food. 

So the question is…

How To Entertain Your BBQ Guests?

This is easier than you think.  If you are like most folks, when BBQ is on the grill – people are usually drinking (adult beverages) and having a good time.  I mean it is easy to strike up a conversation when the weather is nice and there is the smell of great BBQ in the air… am I right?  I have never been to a barbeque that was all that boring.  However, I am pretty easy to please for the most part… so let us talk about those that are difficult in terms of keeping entertained.

I have found that most people loosen up when there is some form of music being played.  So first off, crank up the tunes!  Music can get people dancing (if people do that anymore) and if nothing else bring the mood up a bit.  You just need to make sure you are picking solid BBQ music.

What is solid BBQ music?

In the South, we like to put on some country music… maybe some David Allen Coe or George Jones.  Even the not so old country like Hank Williams Jr. or George Strait.  Maybe some Alan Jackson… whoever you are into.  Just put them on.

If you like rock, some older rock music like ZZTop or the Eagles is a good start.  Everyone knows those songs and everyone likes them for the most part – so this will help people talk amongst themselves and bring the mood up where it needs to be. 

Music is good for the soul, so if you have to… throw together a BBQ mix “tape”.  I can’t believe I just said that.  I just picture me saying to Shala….

“I made you a mix tape.”

**shakes head**

Who says tape anymore… seriously?  Ok, let’s get back on track.

Throw some hits from the past.  Maybe “Freebird”, “Jessie’s Girl”, “Country Boy Can Survive” or whatever else gets the crowd going.  Everyone will be drunk and singing in no time.  That is how BBQ’s should be.

Of course if you like different music and so does your group of friends… modify this to your liking.  If you like rap, then throw on some old school rap… Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg…  Ice Cube – you know, the grandfathers of rap.  The bottom-line is, put something on to get the people lively.  No one wants to go to some lame BBQ where everyone is sitting around staring at each other.  BOooooooooooo-ring.

What about games for my BBQ?

This is something that can really get things going.  Weather it is yard games, video games, board games or some sort of gambling… you can really get people (especially people that don’t know each other) interacting and such.  So what kind of games do you play?  How do you get people involved?  It really depends on your crowd, but I will give you some examples of what we do/have done.

Recently we had a BBQ with family and after trying to create a “washers” game with two beer cans and some Macgyver like skills… we finally gave up.  Bad planning I guess.  Later on though, one of our cousins came through with a yard game called “Ladder Golf”.  This game is possibly one of the most addicting games (and easily learned) there is… at least in regards to yard games.  I am sure some of you have played horseshoes or washers and found it frustrating as hell because you couldn’t score… while some “ringer” comes in and takes all your money.  Ok… wait, maybe not everyone plays for money, but you know what I mean.  Those games are tough, but ladder golf is fun and easy!

If you want to check out ladder golf, or even build your own ladder golf game… check the links below.

Learn About Ladder Golf/Buy Ladder Golf – cheap and fun.

How To Build Your Own Ladder Golf – easy as pie!

Now, I am not going to tell you not to play other yard games like horseshoes, washers or croquet.  Of course, don’t go and play lawn darts!  The most dangerous game ever invented.  Most lawn/yard games are cool, fun and get people up and involved.  So feel free to choose your favorite.

How about board games at my BBQ?

Of course.  When it gets dark, if people are up to it, bust out some Monopoly or Scrabble or whatever floats your boat.  Board games can be a blast with lots of people.  Try to pick something with as few rules as possible, people DO NOT want to come to your BBQ to relax and find that they have to follow all these rules.  Not fun.  Pick something like Taboo or Cranium, break up into teams and play Pictionary… anything to get people smiling and having a good time.

We like to gamble with our friends, what games are fun gambling games?

I don’t condone gambling… unless there is a chance I might win some money of course. 😉  I remember so many games that could fall into this category.  Of course any card game from poker to screw your neighbor, hell I have turned go fish into gambling before… so use your imagination. 😉

Now beyond that there are tons of dice games you can play for money.  Hold on one sec, I want to clear this “play for money” thing up.  Playing for money doesn’t have to mean what you think.  Really.  You can play for nickels or pennies or anything… something just to pick the game up a notch.  It makes it a bit more fun, it isn’t like it is got to be a dollar a game or something. 

There is a great game that everyone can jump in and play with called “horse racing” or “horse races”.  It is cool, you sit around and bet on horses, they have games you can buy that have the whole setup or you can make it out of poster board and it works just the same.  If you haven’t ever seen one, check out the links below:

Horse Race Game (Premium) – high class gambling.

Horse Race Game (Not So Premium) – low class gambling.

Any of the before mentioned things can liven up your next BBQ.  If you have already mastered the skills needed to BBQ with the best of them, then all you need to do now is learn how to throw a big party.  Hopefully the tips above will help you keep your guests entertained.  The bottom-line is to have fun, be easy and be safe – keep all three things in mind.

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