Garden Giveaway #1: Ethel Gloves

We talked the talk – now we have to walk the walk.  Day one of our National Gardening Month Giveaways starts today. 


Hopefully reading this post and waiting for their chance to get in on the first of a TON of giveaways.  Seriously.  You guys are going to hate hearing about this stuff by the end of it… it is going to be that good!

So let’s quit talking about having giveaways… and start giving stuff away already!

The first thing on the docket is one that is coming back from last year’s giveaways, Ethel Gloves.  We have Ethel Gloves… wait, Shala has Ethel Gloves – I have Mechanix (because I’m a dude, and dudes don’t wear Ethel Gloves… well I guess some dudes do) Gloves.  Mechanix Gloves are the dude version.  I’m seeing how many times I can say dude in a paragraph.  Dude.

We love our gloves, use them while in the garden – I use mine to do about anything/everything.  I’m wearing mine to type this post right now.  Not really.  Just one.  MJ style.  But seriously, they are both fashionable (because that means a lot to dudes) and functional and in this case… FREE!

Ethel Gloves (yours will not come w/ dirt)

So here is the deal.  To win these you simply must leave a comment below, and be sure to put your real name & email address – then tomorrow morning we will pull the winner via a random number generator and post who won.  We will notify the winner and you will get your Ethel Gloves!  Here is the cool thing that Ethel Gloves is going to do for us… well, one of the cool things… they are going to either give Ethel Gloves to a woman/girl/chick/female or Mechanix Gloves to a dude/guy/man/male – so whoever wins will get the gloves to match their gender.  Isn’t that cool?  We thought so too.

Another cool thing?  They created a special coupon code to use if you want to purchase Ethel Gloves of your own.  All you have to do is use this code at checkout:

DOUBLEDANGER15 – you don’t have to bold & italicize it… that’s just me being me.

This will give you 15% off your purchase and make you the talk of the town.  So go hit up and buy something!  And comment already, seriously… what are you waiting for?  Tell your friends, tweet this… facebook it… all that junk.  Spread the word and lets get National Gardening Month kicked off w/ a BANG!

31 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #1: Ethel Gloves”

  1. I’m in Canada, so I don’t expect to be involved in giveaways, but let me just add to the love for Ethel Gloves. I got a pair sent to me last summer, and they’re wonderful. Still in good shape, and I am HARD on gardening gloves! Although I also lose a lot of left gloves (being lefthanded), so the fact that I still have both of them is even more of an accolade.

  2. These look great and my old garden gloves are well, really old, so thank you for the chance to update!

    Best Wishes,

    jamiejaws AT

  3. Heeeey- I literally just posted on Twitter yesterday that I wanted to get my daughter a pair of the kids ones so she can match me! Pick me! Pick me! haha….


  4. First of all, welcome back. You two have been missed. Thanks for holding the contest especially since I have worn holes in my current pair of gardening gloves.

  5. How fun, loved your post. If I were to win, donate mine to a worthy cause or person. Alas, I won’t be gardening again for another year. Loved your post, will be back for more.

  6. Well sounds like Ethel Gloves are the thing to wear!!!!
    Hopefully i can get my first pair for FREE 🙂

  7. Ethel makes the prettiest gardening gloves out there! I’d hate to get them muddy (but won’t think twice about doing so). Shovel on. . .

  8. Saw the reference to your giveaway over at Aunt Debbi’s garden…I’d love me some new gloves!

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