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Are you confused yet?  Don’t be.  Here at Double Danger we want to be sure you can check us out in the way that is easiest for you.  No matter what that means.

In fact the whole point of this post is to fill you in on where you can listen, watch and learn what is going on with Double Danger via the intrawebs (see how I used it Megan!).  We use a lot of popular websites and methods of publishing our data online and so we just wanted to share.

So let us get to this already… ok?

RSS/Email Updates

You can of course ALWAYS subscribe to our RSS feed either by way of your favorite RSS aggregator or you can also sign up to updates via email, another handy way to get updates without visiting.  We want you to come by… but if you can’t make it one day, RSS is a great way to stay up to speed.

Sign up for the Double Danger RSS feed.

Sign up for updates from Double Danger via email.


Do you twitter?  Well, we do.  You can surely check on us that way.  Obviously you cannot view our entire posts on twitter, but you can chat with us and share what is going on in your world with a few tweets.  You can find both Shala & I on there at the following addresses.

Shala’s Twitter Account – let’s make friends.

James’ Twitter Account – be our friend already!


If you don’t have a Flickr account, what are you waiting on?  Geez… cut the mustard & ketchup already.  Share your pictures with us (become a contact) and we will do the same.

Double Danger Flickr Account – Feel free to check out our pics.

Digg/Mixx/StumbleUpon (You know, social media stuff)

We are active in all three and love to share links back and forth with folks.  Mixx is where we are most active, but we do Digg & StumbleUpon a lot… so feel free to become our friends.

Digg Account – Digging through all the intra-webs, trying to find the golden ticket.

Mixx Account – Mixxing it up with friends and loving this new community.

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon us, we will do the same.

Gardening Websites

Double Danger is part of a few gardening websites that if you are a gardener yourself… you should join.  MyFolia gives you an awesome & easy way to tie in your Flickr account and document your garden’s growth.  Blotanical is another site that you can network with other gardeners and garden bloggers.

MyFolia Account – Get on there, and be our friend!  Or else!

Blotanical – This place has TONS of garden bloggers all over the world, find Shala on there.

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