Make A Difference: Free Rice

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Free Rice Game – UN World Food Program 

This is a simple way to really make a difference while doing something I know all you sorry suckers out there do.  Play games at work.  This game (Free Rice) is sponsored by the UN World Food Program and allows you to play a vocabulary game that with each correct answer – it donates 20 grains of rice to help end world hunger.  I know, your thinking… why can’t they just give a butt-load of money to help take care of it – instead of making a game out of it?  Well – you have to make the money by getting visitors and selling ads.  Come on… welcome to the intra-web.  duh.  😉

So if you have some time – make a difference today and play this game.  I played for about 5 minutes and made 800 grains of rice to be given to help fight world hunger.  What can you do in 5 min?

Free Rice Game to help world hunger by donating rice.

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