MyFolia – Track Your Gardening Online

Some of you might have noticed a little widget on our side bar showing what we have growing in our garden and everytime you come to our site it shows a different plant.  This neat little tool comes from a great site that I found called My Folia.

I have been trying to keep track of the goings on in our garden and have gone through several different methods, none of which seemed pratical or efficient. 

During one of my many searches through gardening websites I ran across My Folia and it was the answer to all of my garden tracking needs.  The site allows you to journal when a plant was sown, when it started to show true leaves, when fruit appeared, harvesting and anything else that you could imagine.

Along with keeping track of your garden, the site is also a great way to interact with fellow gardeners.  There are plenty of garden pictures to look through to find inspiration for your own garden and as a first time gardener I find that very helpful.

If you are starting a garden of your own (ahem… Tim & Jess, Benny & Mari…. ahem) or already have one established I would highly recommend this site.  Even if you aren’t quiet as OCD as James and I, it is still nice to look at other people’s gardens.

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