Randy Pausch: Rest in Peace

Anyone who has seen Dr. Randy Pausch, or his internet-famous “Last Lecture“… knows just how awesome of a person Randy Pausch was.  I say “was” because Randy Pausch passed away today after his battle with pancreatic cancer. 

The video which is a must watch if you haven’t already, is inspiring to say the least.  NEVER in my life have I seen someone as accepting as Randy in terms of death.  Granted, there was indeed nothing he could do about it – so dwelling and mourning about his circumstances… would do him no good.

I hope you will spend some time watching his Last Lecture, it is long – so I suggest checking it out over the weekend.  Yes, this is the guy that was on Oprah ladies… so if you watched that – you know what we are talking about here.

Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family, even though we do not personally know him – his story was inspirational and gives you hope that even in the darkest times… acceptance can be one of the greatest releases.

3 thoughts on “Randy Pausch: Rest in Peace”

  1. @Nancy Bond – very sad indeed, however I doubt he would want us to feel that way – he was too positive.

    @deb – agreed.

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