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Shala and I have flocked to blogs about home & garden stuff since buying our home this past year.  Nestmaker is one of those sites that daily we find time to check out what cool plants Megan has bought or what neat stuff she has decorating her place with.  Very cool to see someone in a totally different area (Oregon) and how they garden compared to what we do here in West Texas.  The thing that overrides it all is the understanding that gardening is more than what you plant, more than what type of gardening your doing – it is about doing it, living it and enjoying the time spent doing it.  It is about stepping back at the end of the day and feeling you made a difference.  Or some crap like that.  If you are into the things we are into, which you are here reading our blog – so you have to be into something we are… then you need to check out Megan @ Nestmaker.

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  1. id love to be able to garden. not flowers or plants really. id like to have tomatoes and onions and stuff like that. unfortunaytly i have a black thumb. if i look at a plant it will die.

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