So You Want To Grill A Steak Huh?

Big football weekend this weekend.  Lots of you guys & gals will be breaking out the grills to throw some meaty goodness on there and try to impress some friends.  Let me tell you… I have eaten lots of stuff prepared on the grill, and the last thing you want to do is prepare something half-ass and ruin the opening week of the NFL season.



Esquire magazine put together a nice little article to help out with your backyard grilling: Everything You Need To Know About Steak

The cool thing about this article is the fact that they touch on a lot more than just how to grill a steak… or how to marinate a steak… they touch on why beef is aged, different types of beef and so on.  So you get more out of it then just your fun of the mill how to (like how we do here).  Just kidding, we tend to give you a lot more info than needed as well, but we don’t have a how to cook steak article “yet” – so enjoy this one until we do.

If you are planning a get together this weekend to kickoff the NFL football season, then this should help you out in the grilling department.  Check it out if you have time.

Just so you know we are working on a “Perfect” Opening Day Tailgating BBQ post that should be out in the next couple of days.  It will give you tips on what to cook, how to cook and how to have the best time while doing so.  We will be teaming up with Corey @ Fantasy Football Goat and providing everyone with some last minute ideas for their Opening Day BBQ.  Stay tuned!

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