So You Want To Eat Organic? Start Here!

We have been eating organic as often as possible – not only from our garden, but even when we hit the store… because you can’t grow everything year round eh?  When the farmer’s market isn’t in full swing, we have to do what everyone else in America does – go to the grocery store.

While crusin’ around on Facebook today, someone posted this:  12 Most Pesticide-Laden Fruits & Vegetables

I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but seriously… can you ever eat a peach from the grocery store again?!?!  HOLY HELL!

I will let everyone get back to what they were doing, just had to share this little tidbit.  Hope it didn’t ruin your lunch.

2 thoughts on “So You Want To Eat Organic? Start Here!”

  1. Great idea to draw attention to this article. Not everyone can afford to buy everything organic. This lets them pick those items which will have the most impact on harmful chemicals with the least impact on their wallet.

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