A Sneak Peek of What’s Going On @ Double Danger

Seedlings - What are you growing?

Anybody else already get started?  We have something like 9 billion tomato varieties this year, 50 million different peppers… and then a whole bunch of other stuff we probably  shouldn’t be growing – since we could hardly care for the ones we had last year.  But that is gardening right?  Taking on too much, and griping about it the whole time… right?

What do you have going on in  your garden… err basement… or… greenhouse?

6 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek of What’s Going On @ Double Danger”

  1. I probably won’t be starting seeds this year but I did sit out all my containers to soak up all that nice rain we had last week! Can’t wait to start planting…

  2. Hey! Another Midlander here. 🙂 This is my first year gardening… planning on doing some potatoes and onions soonish. I’d like to do some tomatoes, but haven’t started any plans for them yet. I think we’re going to do some raised beds

  3. @Deb – how did I know they were on the dryer?!?

    @Jen W – glad to see you still poke your head up around here… and thanks for the welcome back!

    @Jenn L – another Midlander! No way. We made our own raised beds, it was easy peasy.

  4. Hooboy, I am way behind. I have no plan, nothing bought and certainly nothing planted! Maybe I’ll throw a bunch of wild flower seeds all over the yard, piss off the landlord, and call it the garden this year.

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