Garden Giveaway #9: Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost

So we told you about the moo poo teas that we use – even though we wanted to keep it secret.  We told you about our favorite gardening tools, and how we fight off gardening ninjas w/ them.  We are scared we may have given away all our secrets to having a great garden and maintaining it.  Oh well.

Another day, another secret.  Today’s secret – Great Big Plants (GBP if your cool) Organic Liquid Compost.  We came across GBP about 3 years ago or so and have used it ever since.  When we first got into the whole “organic” thing – we were looking around for fertilizer to help us keep it both organic and still give us that BOOM when it comes to growth.  Great Big Plants came across our radar and we have been a dedicated customer ever since.

Great Big Plants!  Organic Liquid Fertilizer

I’m sure some of you are thinking – wait a second, you said that y’all use Annie’s Authentic Haven Brand Manure Teas!  You are right.  We do.  We actually rotate between both the manure teas & Great Big Plants – giving our plants a silly boost of growth.  It seems to work for us, if you have ever been in our backyard jungle and seen what we are doing – you would agree.  Our tomato plants LOVE Great Big Plants – and by Fall… they are Great Big Plants.

Great Big Plants is a liquid compost concentrate that basically rebuilds your soil (instead of just being a fertilizer), so you can use it when you are transplanting, afterwards and everywhere in between.  It is great for when you first put your transplants in – because it gives the soil a boost to help minimize that length of time when plants seem to stall in terms of growth and it does it naturally!  You can’t beat that.  It also helps with mature plants, continually feeding the soil to build a better soil and a bigger plant.  If you aren’t using it – you need to be.

Wanting to try this yourself?  Well we got you covered w/ a quart size bottle of Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost – but also, if you want to purchase some for your garden/plants – hop over to their website and use the discount code they made for us…


That will give you 15% off your order and get you on your way to having Great Big Plants (I think that was a pun?!?), sorta. 

So do your think – leave a comment below and you are entered.  Pay attention too… most of you guys are good – but some of you, HAVE YOU EVER USED A COMPUTER BEFORE?!?  If I have to move another comment from another post into this one because you just comment about stuff at random – I am going to personally deliver some compost tea… to the top of your head!  Geeze.  It is fairly simple – just click the lil link below… and comment.  Don’t go 7 pages deep and comment on a post that claims the winner of some gloves we gave away over a week ago.  🙂  I laugh about it, but then I get angry and cry myself to sleep.  Get to it!  Sign up, tell your friends – Facebook it – Tweet it – blog it!  Please!  We will leave this one up for the entire weekend, because even I need a day off.  So you have two days, take advantage of it.   Until next time… good luck & good gardening!

19 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #9: Great Big Plants Organic Liquid Compost”

  1. Ohhh. I’m always interested in finding new ways to feed ALL my plants. I already love Annie’s compost tea but since I want to be just like you, I want to try this too. 😉 Pick me. Pick me.

  2. I wish more local gardening stores carried “tools” like this. Our local nursery has some organic products, and the nearby Home Despot is carrying some of the TerraCycle brand products, but not enough of them! I’d like to see more of products like Great Big Plants and TerraCycle, and less of Miracle Grow, etc.

  3. Oh, what a great idea…like Red Bull for plants! I was just going to use the worm poop this year…but I’m sure I won’t be able to make enough for all the plants I have. This sounds like a really good thing…I have just been looking for ways to keep my plants healthy so the bugs don’t attack them. This looks like the ticket!

  4. I think my plants would love this, too. We do use worm castings and those turn my geraniums into great big plants, too! There is a farm near us that sells big bags of worm castings. I’d like to try this, too. I love watching my geraniums and vincas turn into great big plants!

  5. Oh, living in Seattle, my plants will take all the help they can get.
    I’d love to try GBP!
    Thanks for your generosity.

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