Killing Us With Kindness

In a weeks time, we have been the recipents of two awesome surprises – who says snail mail isn’t cool anymore?  Pffft.

On Saturday, Shala called me while I was at work and said a package just showed up from Fiskars.  Anyone who knows gardening and gardening tools… knows the name fiskars.  Well I couldn’t wait to come home and check it out.  Being a Fiskars fan is something that is hard not to be.

Well when I came home I found this…

Fiskars Gardening Supplies

Ok… not the grass shears – but the card & Big Grip Trowel.  As if that wasn’t enough… the trowel was engraved with my name.  Check the close up below…

Engraved Big Grip Trowel

We can’t thank Fiskars enough, we love their products and honestly… we wouldn’t stand behind a product if we didn’t feel it was worth the money.  So if you are looking for gardening tools with high quality, try Fiskars.

And those shears you saw in the first picture… better get you some.  They are THAT good.  Just sayin’…

So after a hard week at work, Fiskars came through… but then yesterday – at lunch I checked the mail.  And look what we got from Carri from Read Between The Limes

Seeds Seeds & More SEEDS!

(click here for a bigger picture)

Carri is our friend on Twitter, and we got into a convo about tomatillo – and how we had never grown them.  Next thing we know she was sending us seeds… then next thing we know there is almost a seed type for each month of the year!  It was so nice, and check the goods…

Grande Rio Verde Tomatillo Seeds

Pineapple Tomatillo Seeds

Tomatillo Seeds

Purple Dragon Carrot Seeds

Early Scarlet Radish Seeds

Bright Lights Swiss Chard Seeds

Fava Beans

Lupini Beans

Yard Long Beans

Purple Top Turnip Seeds

Seriously.  Too cool.  Shala is about to plant a bunch of beans anyhow… but we are worried about the heat – so we are going to save a bunch for later on in the year.  Thanks Carri!  We owe ya.  Can’t wait to try them out.

So all of that is to show you something… not everyone is a spammer.  The entire internet isn’t a cesspool of nastiness.  It is no different than the real world.  There are good folks.  There are some bad ones.  And a few crazies.   We are thankful to have met so many good ones.

3 thoughts on “Killing Us With Kindness”

  1. Okay, so I never thought I’d say a trowel was beautiful but that one is!! How nice!! I’ve had a pair of Fiskar pruners for years and will never get another brand.

  2. TROWEL. That makes a lot more sense than when I thought you said TOWEL. What’s the big deal about a towel. OHH…..
    What a nice little package of seeds. I don’t do well with seeds, but these look so artfully presented, I’m tempted to try growing some.

  3. @Heidi – We are beginning to think the same way about “never get another brand”.

    @Megan – The seeds were awesome. Its a nerdy little obsession and you seriously have to get into it.

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