Ready For Some Giveaways?!?

If some of you remember last year, if you haven’t killed those brain cells by now – we did a week of giveaways to kick off National Gardening Month.  It went well, we gave away a ton of goodies.  Everything from gloves, compost teas, paintings, books… just a bunch of cool stuff!

Well this year we have been working hard to get even cooler stuff, and MORE of it!  So not only do we have cooler gardening goodies – but we have A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF THEM TO GIVE AWAY!

We will start this tomorrow (Thursday, April 1st), and no… it isn’t an April’s Fools prank… IT IS THE REAL DEAL… seriously.  Maybe.  😉 

No, it really is seriously the biggest giveaways we have ever had here and we cannot wait to bless our readers with some awesome gardening swag.  I already know the next question…

How do we win?!?  I WANT THE FREE STUFF!

It is easy-peasy.  Just simply come here each day and enter (only once per person, per giveaway – and if you win… please leave the rest of the giveaways for the other folks) – then the following day, we will post the winner.  Just like we did last year.  Even if you are not a winner, you will get a chance to see some awesome products and I’m sure there will be some coupon codes floating around that you can use/share.

Here is what we ask in return for all of this.  If you have a blog, link us up – let everyone know about our giveaways.  We hope to inspire a new clan of gardeners from this.  Each year we hear stories of new people gardening because of something they found on our site, and to be honest… that is why we do it.  If we motivate a few people each year, we feel we are making a difference in this world.  I know, I know… it sounds cheesy, and it is in some sort of way – but it is what it is.  We love doing it, and if it takes some work on our end to wrangle up some goodies for a yearly giveaway to inspire someone – we will gladly do it.

In other words… SPREAD THE WORD!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR COUSINS – YOUR COUSINS’ FRIENDS – THEIR VETS, THE LADY ACROSS THE STREET – HER DAUGHTER… this is getting ridiculous.  I’ll stop.   At some point.  Tomorrow.  I just did.  For reals now.  Ok.  Enough.

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