What is your favorite pepper?

Which Hot Pepper Should I Plant In My Garden?We are planting several kinds of peppers in our backyard garden this year and I am wondering what everyone’s favorite peppers are.  Peppers are relatively easy to grow and perfect for our hot, dry climate here in West Texas.  We have about 7 or 8 pepper plants growing at this time with 4-5 different varieties.  I am not sure what else we will add, since we are already pushing it as far as space and time (since we will have to care for all these plants!).  Also we have about 5 or so other types of vegetables & fruits that we have to keep up with.  Crap… did we get in over our head!?

Here are the peppers we have growing so far:

Hot Portugal Pepper Plants

Sweet Cayene Pepper Plants

Jalapeno Pepper Plants (several of these, I think 3 total)

Bell Pepper Plants (It is already producing a bell not even in the garden yet!)

Sweet Banana Pepper Plant

Santiago Hybrid Pepper Plant

Other vegetables that we are awaiting the last frost date in our area to plant:

Squash Plants

Cucumber Plants (These are already huge, considering they have been visible for only about a week & a half.)

Cherry Tomato Plants

Beef Steak Tomato Plants (We have one that is blooming and so should see tomatoes pretty soon.)

Okra Plants

Basil Plants

Cilantro Plants

Parsley Plants

Cantaloupe Plants

Watermelon Plants

The cantaloupe & watermelon we are waiting another month before starting in pots, since they are really summer plants.  We do not want to get them out there and have them end up dying for some reason.  Like I said, the rest of the plants are waiting on that infamous “last frost date” to arrive so we can get them in the actual garden and free up my shop for real manly stuff!  haha

If you are asking the “intra-web”…

How do I find out what the last frost date in my area/region?

Check this link here to get an estimate, so you can plant to have your plants in the garden by then.

3 thoughts on “What is your favorite pepper?”

  1. The banana peppers are my favorite. I can just hear it now…..”We can’t go on vacation because we have to take care of the plants.” ha

  2. We need a plant kennel. Our excuse this year (besides seeing you guys and one other trip) is…

    “We just bought a house and we can’t afford it.”

    But Imma keep the plants on the backburner as an excuse. 😉

    Figured you would like the banana peppers… just cuz it rhymes.

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