Where Do You Buy Your Seeds?

A simple question, that I am sure will produce some very different answers.  I asked this on twitter today.  Also, I we have been scouting out seed catalogs online and thought we better ask you guys here.

So where do you buy your seeds (veggies/floral)?

Who better to give us feedback on seeds, than fellow SEED FREAKS.

So spill the beans, lets us know where you get your good stuff.  We have been shopping Burgess, TMSeeds & a few others already. 

If you work for, or are with any seed company, we are doing trade for adspace and blog posts regarding the traded goods.  We are going to get the stuff anyhow, might as well be yours.  Don’t be shy.

Use the comment section… to… you know… leave a comment or something.

6 thoughts on “Where Do You Buy Your Seeds?”

  1. I usually buy from local nurseries if I buy seeds at all. I often buy seedlings, especially for vegetable plants, also from local nurseries.

  2. I’m a bad gardener. After buying a bunch of seeds in my early gardening years, then neglecting the seedlings and just ending up with a mess, I’ve never tried them again. I just buy big potted plants. With the economy and layoffs looming, though, I’m thinking about changing my ways.

  3. @Casey – we did the same for most of ours last year, minus the squash, melons… few jalapenos and other pepper varieties.

    @deb – mail order, see thats the old school I am talking about.

    @Megan – WE ARE IN A RECESSION! NO MORE PLANTS FOR PEOPLE LIKE US. haha Maybe this is the year for a lil seed action?

    @Heidi – this would have been the perfect time to plug the company you work for. Not only that, but to pass this info on to them so that they can send us some stuff to promote!

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