!!!SOLD!!! – Wii Wii Wii… All The Way Home


 Just FYI… this has been sold, sorry for those that had interest afterwards.


I know this isn’t BBQ or Garden related… but what the hell right?  This is our website, we can do what we want.

When the Nintendo Wii came out, we stood in line for hours and picked up our Wii that we had preordered and couldn’t be happier.  The first 3-4 months we played the crap out of it and we probably got our money’s worth at that point.

Here we are almost 2 years later (right?  has it been that long?) and we simply do not play it anymore. 

So in an attempt to downsize a few things in our life, get rid of the clutter… we are going to sell it.  Now we planned on doing it on Ebay, however we thought it would be nice of us to offer it here first for a discounted price.  We appreciate everyone that comes to our site, EVERYONE.  We love to read your comments, the help you provide us almost daily and not to mention the great content some of you provide with your own blogs as well.

So here is the deal.

We have the following included in the package…

1 Nintendo Wii System (w/ all the connections/manuals that comes with it normally)

4 Nintendo Wii-motes

4 Nintendo Nunchucks

1 Classic Controller

1 Gamecube Controller (it works with it for Gamecube games)

1 Wireless Guitar (came with Guitar Hero)

1 Mario Kart Steering Wheel (came with Mario Kart)

1 Set of HD Component Cables

Also these games…

Tiger Woods Golf 2007

Wii Play (12 games in one)

Wii Sports (5 games in one)

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition (bought from Gamefly, no case)

Guitar Hero III (wireless guitar included as mentioned above)

Mario Kart

Smarty Pants

Mario Party 8

Havest Moon (for Gamecube – can be played on Wii)


Super Mario Brothers (downloaded on the virtual console)

Zelda (downloaded on the virtual console)

Not bad eh?  Of course we have the boxes and such for the majority of all the stuff.  Not the controllers, but for the system, Guitar Hero III & the games.  We have probably spent over 1000$ on all of this and could easily sell it on ebay for 600-700… but, we would like to offer it to those of you that visit our site that might want to suprise their kids or perhaps themselves! haha

So we are asking $500 for the entire thing.  If you are local obviously no shipping, but if you are somewhere else – you will have to pay for shipping (that you choose).   So if you are interested or know someone that is… let me know in the comments section or hit up our contact us page and shoot us an email.  I will respond as soon as possible.  It is a first come first serve package… so if for some reason you are not fast enough and someone gets it, I apologize in advance.

8 thoughts on “!!!SOLD!!! – Wii Wii Wii… All The Way Home”

  1. Not so fast! Have you played wii fit yet? You could get another two years of fun out of it. And rock band!
    At first I thought I might buy this from you for my little brother. Then I realized that I’m not THAT nice of a big sister.

  2. If only you had the Fit! You probably wouldn’t be getting rid of it if you did though 😉 I’m on the hunt for a Fit, wiialerts.com has failed me a few dozen times with false alerts.

  3. So we are asking $500 for the entire thing. If you are local obviously no shipping, but if you are somewhere else – you will have to pay for shipping (that you choose).

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