Double Danger BBQ Tips: Super Bowl BBQ Guide

Not many folks will argue that fact that BBQ & the Super Bowl go hand in hand.  A few raging alcholics might – but hey… we don’t mean any harm.

I can tell just by stats alone that too many people throw a barbeque and have clue what they are doing.  Really, your searching for “How to Barbeque Pork Ribs?” n the Sunday morning of Super Bowl Sunday?!?!  I’m scared for you.  But don’t worry, we have you covered.  I hope you didn’t get in over your head and invite too many people.

 You should have your ribs rubbed down by now… and you haven’t even went to the store yet. 

I pray for you.

If you are about to throw what is billed to be the “THE Super Bowl Block Party of 2009”  and your not sure how to roast a hot dog… then this guide will help you get your mind right and if you play your cards (I think that is a pun… Cardinals… like the Super Bowl… no?) right, you can WOW your friends and produce a killer Super Bowl BBQ.  Read on for step by step and walk thrus of the “Perfect” Super Bowl BBQ…

Get The Fire Started (Start a BBQ Walk-thru)

The fire is the most important part of BBQ or smoking meat.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Once you get a perfect fire going, you can do anything you want in terms of BBQ.  This walk thru will give you all the fire options.  It explains the difference between grilling, barbeque and smoking.  All three have totally diferent meanings, which means different fires for each.

Use the Double Danger Perfect BBQ Tips: How to Start a BBQ Fire

I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back (Pork Ribs Walk-thru)

You want to make an impact?  Want people to talk about you for Super Bowls to come.  If you can’t catch the game-winning TD, or kick the FG that puts your team on top with second to go… you can at least produce some pork ribs that will cover the spread (gambling word-play).

Use the Double Danger Perfect BBQ Tips: How to Smoke Pork Ribs

The Sides Make The Party, Well Kinda

I have to admit, there are tons of different things you can make to get the party started.  Besides drinks, nothing really gets it going like armadillo eggs.  I know that sounds wierd, but if you have never had them – you don’t know what your missing.

I know I just lost half our audience, those that are freaking out on the name “armadillo eggs” – it isn’t what you think.  No armadillos are hamed in this recipe.  These are actually cheese stuffed jalapenos (or any other pepper you like) wrapped in bacon and put on the grill to cook.  Very nice.  You can make hot ones, sweet ones… or put any kind of cheese you like in there.  Lots of options and a great starter to your Super Bowl BBQ.

Use the Double Danger Perfect BBQ Tips: How to Make Stuffed Jalapenos (Armadillo Eggs)

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